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Buckin-A: Surviving registration madness

“I love registering for classes, it is easy and fun and I always get the classes I want,” said no one ever. One of the harshest out-of-the classroom lessons we learn in college is you don’t always get what you want and pecking orders can be unfair.

But you have to deal with that sort of challenge your entire life, so why not learn these lessons now? Better yet, why not embrace the challenge and come out on top? Give yourself an edge by being prepared.

As a senior or a student in the Honors College you get priority in class registration times, meaning your registration times are much sooner than everyone else.

For seniors that time was Nov. 1. Then the juniors get their pick of classes followed by sophomores and then freshmen are finally allowed to pick their classes.

Even though the number of lower-division classes for freshmen and sophomores are more plentiful than upper-division courses which in some cases are only offered once a year—for example English 101 has significantly more sections than English 206—it can be a bona fide feeding frenzy to get registered in those classes.

The prepared student at any level will have taken steps to make sure registration is as painless as possible.

To be properly prepared involves taking a trip to an advisor and learning which classes will be most useful to each student at their level and current credit breakdown, as well as taking some time to look at your graduation requirements.

Students should also make a list of classes they actually want to take like electives, since not everything has to be a scholarly pursuit.

Then students can put those classes in a shopping cart so when your registration time rolls around they don’t have to sort through Broncoweb’s clunky navigation.

By having a solid game plan ready before registration students can make what is often a frustrating little aspect of university life just a little bit less frustrating.

Especially as students enter into their junior or senior years and missing a class can mean an additional semester.

Sure it’s a hassle to be planning ahead when we are all in the thick of fall semester, but by taking the extra time to ready ourselves the transition from fall to spring semester can be quick and painless.

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