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Student reactions – 2012 election outcome

The Arbiter

After the 2012 presidential election, The Arbiter went around campus and asked students for their thoughts on last nights outcome.

Students were asked the following questions:

Are you happy with the re-election of President Obama?

Where you expecting that to be the outcome ?

Amberine Mowjee

Nicole Reither / The Arbiter

Senior – Communication

I think I expected the outcome. I am glad it happened in that Barack Obama did win. I think there is a better chance for equality and that’s been proven with Maine, Massachusetts and Washington. I am excited to see where his term goes after what he promises.


Ellen Cordova

Nicole Reither / The Arbiter

Freshman – Pre Pharmacy

I am happy about it. I pretty much wanted anyone besides Romney to win.  It was definitely what I expected but I was scared for a while watching the polls because I thought he was going win but at the very last second he seemed to jump ahead!


 Annie Alvarado

Nicole Reither / The Arbiter

Senior – Communication and PR Certificate

I was happy about the outcome for the President. I was not expecting it. It seemed like the race was fairly close, but definitely happy with it. Hopefully the second term for Obama will have a better outcome!


Caitlyn Bridges

Nicole Reither / The Arbiter

Junior – Psychology

I am really glad that Romney didn’t win. I’m not a Romney fan at all which is funny because my dad is and he was really mad that Romney didn’t win.  My thoughts were, did you really think he was going to win with some of his policy’s and the fact that he probably pissed off every woman in this country?

I really was not excepting Romney to win. Because I have read the transcripts of the debates and everything that he had to say with his policies and I’m like, there is no way even with all the Republicans in this country that he could win.


Sam Cooke

Nicole Reither / The Arbiter

Junior – Marking Major


I am not going to lie, I kind of expected it. I don’t think Mitt was the right man but I would have preferred him to President Obama. I am glad about Referendum 74 in Washington State allowing same-sex marriage. Which  my views have changed on recently. And disappointed about initiative 502 in Washington State which allows recreational use of Marijuana.

 Bryon Wake

Nicole Reither / The Arbiter

 Freshman – Computer Science

I expected the results but the election so far has been more or less mud slinging back and forth and more or less trying to denounce them. I wish that elections would be more towards acknowledging the good points each one has and the differences that they have in terms of policies.  Instead of what bad things each one has done in their past.

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