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Addressing the issue of No. 16

Kellen Moore is and forever will be a legend.

How could he not? He’s the active leader for most career wins in college football history, his accuracy and timing were impeccable, he threw touchdowns at whim and the list goes on.

What Moore should be remembered for is his ability to closeout games and limit mistakes. He had ice in his veins no amount of pressure, whether that’s situational or crowd-based, could affect his play. He knew how to execute when his team needed him to.

Redshirt junior and current starting quarterback Joe Southwick does not have those skills.

Now, this is not a debate on comparing Moore and Southwick. This is analyzing a simple, yet crucial element of the game that shows where one quarterback exceeded and the other lacks.

Southwick is a decent quarterback when it comes to statistics. On the year, Southwick sits at 1,842 passing yards, a 10-7 touchdown-interception ratio, a 132.8 quarterback rating and a 65.5 completion percentage.

This same Southwick has a 58.8 completion percentage with 467 yards, 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions in total 3rd down situations.

Converting third downs is a momentum booster or a momentum killer. Southwick is a quarterback who simply is not good at

When Southwick gets into the red zone of the opposing team, that percentage drastically drops. From the opponent’s 19-yard line to the goal line, he has a 42.9 completion percentage. From the opponents 9-yard line to the goal line, he has an even lower percentage at 29.4.

On the contrary, when in the opponent’s 19-yard line to the goal line, Southwick has thrown for 10 touchdowns with three interceptions. Those are actually decent numbers.

But, it’s the inconsistency that hurts a team the most, and a 42.9 and 29.4 completion percentage siphons an offense’s success.

In Boise State’s last home game loss vs. San Diego State, in the opening drive of the third quarter, Southwick threw an interception, not even giving the team a chance at the field goal. Southwick also failed to convert on a two-point conversion. The Broncos would go on to lose by two points.

In the first game of the season vs. a ranked Michigan State, Southwick looked simply lost.

Some people will try to cover up for the  redshirt junior and say it was his first game of the year as well as his first career start,
both true.

However, when you are a No. 24 ranked Boise State team in the first week of the season with very limited room for error, your quarterback has to step up and perform.

The phenomenal Boise State “D” can only take the team so far.

Southwick cannot and has not won the big games Boise State desperately needs to win for the BCS hopes to remain alive. He has also struggled with the games he should have no trouble with (i.e. San Diego State).

It’s time to give redshirt freshman Jimmy Laughrea a shot at the starting position. They need to make the switch to the 2012 Bronco Offensive Scout of the Year Laughrea and let his cannon of an arm guide this team.

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