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Predicting the next leader of the Free world

Student discuss their election predictions with The Arbiter just hours prior to voting booths close.

Cody Meurer, English major, sophomore

“I think Obama’s going to win. I thought that Romney said a few things that weren’t very becoming of a president as far as the way the American people see the president. He said a few things like binders full of women and the 47 percent thing. Too many things that brought him down. Obama is such a good speaker, so charismatic.

Caleb Jackson, Psychology major, sophomore

I’m thinking Obama as well. Mitt Romney just seems like he dug himself a hole. He just kept saying things that weren’t quite accurate. Both of them, they’re not really qualified as a great president, they’re just battling each other it’s kind of childish.

Caitlain McCarrel, History major, junior

I think Obama’s going to win and I think the Luna laws, they are not going to pass. It seems that the Luna Laws, most people don’t agree with all the premises, like prop 1 people don’t like the fact that parents can decided how much teachers make. Personally I like free birth control. I don’t think people should have the right to tell women whether or not they can have birth control and I do support gay marriage, and I think we should get out of Afghanistan.

Brandon Quirarte Computer Science major, junior

For some reason I have a feeling it’s going to be probably Obama by a very small margin. (Because of) California. Simple enough (based on the electoral vote).

Rye Jago, International Business major, sophomore

“I think Obama because he’s done his term. He’s not treating the country as kind of a company, as a business more so like Romney.”

Henry Johnson, economics major, junior

“Romney’s going to win Idaho, everyone agrees. I’m really interested in seeing what happens with the third parties because if a third-party gets 5 percent of the vote, then the next cycle they’re included in the national debates and have access to national funding. So if that happens it would instead of just having republicans and democrats in the national debates include a third party and possibly bring an end to the two-party system.”

Sam Wanacott, economics major, junior

“I think it’s going to be Obama but I think it’s going to be really close. Obama’s going to take both, the popular and the electoral votes as well. I think it’s going to be closer in terms of the popular.”

Nick Ferronato, Geoscience major, sophomore

I think Obama. I was just looking at a bunch of different election maps and electoral vote wise it’s going to be really easy for Obama. All he has to do is take New Hampshire and Ohio and Romney can win all the other swing states except for maybe Pennsylvania. So Obama just has to just take three of those swing states and he’s got it in the bag, easy.

Christine Gonzalez Public health major, freshman

Nationally it’s so neck and neck it’s hard to predict. I’m leaning towards a Romney win. I think that his business acumen is going to kind of push him over the threshold with the downfall in the economy and so many people out of work I think that’s going to speak a lot to the voters and he has the business experience to maybe pull things out. Locally Idaho tends to be a little bit of an incumbent state so I think that a lot of the incumbents will remain in the office.







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