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Leslie Moreau continues Faculty Artist Series

The lights dimmed in the Morrison Center Recital Hall as Leslie Moreau walked on stage.

Without any spoken introduction, she raised her clarinet to her lips and jumped straight into “Dissonant Grooves for Solo B-flat Clarinet,” an enticing piece by modern composer Jeff Lambert.

This concert was part of the Faculty Artist Series, which showcases the talents of many different professor artists throughout the school year.

The headliner of this concert was clarinetist Leslie Moreau, who played solo for most of the show before being joined by four other musicians.

These musicians were Leslie Moreau’s husband, Barton Moreau, on the piano, Nicole Molumby on the flute, Jeanne Belfy on the oboe, Janelle Oberbillig on the bassoon and David Saunders on the horn.

A piano was rolled onstage before the second song, and Barton Moreau accompanied his wife throughout “Clarinet Sonata,” a three-part arrangement written by David Baker.

The first part, entitled Blues, had a jazzy, old-fashioned blues sound.

The second part was rather melancholy, and lived up to its title “Loneliness.” The third part had a much happier sound to it, and was entitled “Dance.”

This was followed by a short intermission. After intermission, the Moreau’s returned to play “Tonada y Cueco,” a two-part duet.  For the finale, Barton Moreau left stage and the other four wind players joined Leslie Moreau for “Kliene Kammermusik” Op. 24 No. 2, an arrangement by Paul Hindermith for a wind quintet.

“It felt great,” Leslie Moreau said. “The David Baker (‘Clarinet Sonata’) was the centerpiece.”

Leslie Moreau will play with the Idaho Philharmonic in a couple of weeks, and the wind quintet will start playing again in January and February, when they will perform at several local high schools.