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Corral festivities kick off season

Megan Riley / The Arbiter

Monday night unofficially kicked off the men’s basketball 2012-2013 campaign with a student rally by The Corral. The festivities began around 7 p.m. Monday night as students filed into the Jordan Ballroom in the Student Union Building.  At the entrance where approximately 150 students were lined up and were encouraged to sign up with club officials and become an official member of The Corral.

Founding member and senior, Tyler Pagel, began the night by introducing a video clip featuring The Corral in action, specifically, the flash mob during a timeout during the game against the then 12 ranked UNLV that gained national attention including a blog post from

The Corral’s vice president, Max Forkner took the stage next and addressed what The Corral does for the team and program as a whole as far as supporting them at the games and generating buzz and attention.

“We’re here for the team and we’re excited to support them,” Forkner said. “We’re excited to create an atmosphere that is a lot of fun and do the best
we can.”

Forkner led his talk into a video that featured the variety of chants The Corral ritualistically participates in from game-to-game.

The Corral’s president, Steven Anderson was up next to the podium to speak about the rewards program The Corral implemented this season.  For being member of The Corral, students are given a stamp card to keep track of how many games they attend.  For the first game, students will receive a Bronco Nation T-shirt, which is the official 2012 Corral shirt.  On the fourth game attended, students will receive a 25 percent discount at the Bronco Shop. Following the seventh stamp, students will receive a Bronco “Swag Bag.” Following this, the stakes get higher. After the tenth game, students will be entered into a drawing for an Apple iPad Mini.  Following the 14th stamp, which is as many as the card holds, students receive a free Nike hooded sweatshirt courtesy of the Bronco Shop.  The real kicker is the news released days ago.  For every game attended, students will be entered into a drawing to win a Toyota Scion.

The night would be showcased by The Corral’s special guest and keynote speaker,  men’s head basketball coach, Leon Rice.

Rice energetically hopped up on stage and spoke about his enjoyment of The Corral and how much they mean to the team and their success each game.

“One thing I know for sure is you cannot have a great basketball program if you don’t have a great homecourt advantage,” said Rice. “The homecourt advantage comes from the students.”

Rice then introduced each member of the team and took a short question and answer session with students in the crowd where he addressed his and the team’s outlook and views on the upcoming season.

The night was capped off with one random student from the crowd being picked from a Facebook contest to win a basketball signed by Coach Rice and the members of the team.

The men’s basketball team starts their 2012-2013 season on Sunday, Nov 11 vs. Texas Southern University at 2 p.m. at Taco Bell Arena.

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