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@BarackObama We’re all in this together. That’s how we compaigned, and that’s who we are. Thank you. -bo

 Making history:

Colorado and Washington voted yes to legalize recreational use marijuana.

Maryland, Maine and Washington are the seventh, eighth and ninth states to vote yes to legalize same-sex marriage

Tammy Baldwin, the Democratic candidate in Wisconsin, won becoming the first openly gay or lesbian person elected to the United States Senate.


Obama: electoral vote 303 to 206

popular vote 50% to 48%

Idaho results:

Mitt Romney (R) took the state with 420, 390 votes, or 65%

Barack Obama (D) received 212,699 votes, or 33%

Jill Stein (I) received 4,401 votes or 1 percent

Gary Johnson (L) received 9,454 votes or 1 percent

Virgil H. Goode (C)received 2,220 votes or 0 percent

Ross C. ‘Rocky’ Anderson (I) received 2,497 votes or 0 percent


Ada County Comm, District 1

Jim Tibbs (R) 64 percent vote

Ada County Comm, District 3

Dave Case (R) 54 percent vote

Ada Prosecutor

Greg H. Bower (R) 60 percent vote

Ada Sheriff

Gary Raney (R) 74 percent vote

ACHD Commissioner, District 1

Jim Hansen 54 percent vote

ACHD Commissioner, District 2

Rebecca Arnold 59 percent vote


Prop 1

overturned with a 57 percent vote no

Prop 2

overturned with a 58 percent vote no

Prop 3

overturned with a 67 percent  vote no

Idaho Constitutioanl ammendments:

HRJ 2aa; makes hunting, fishing and trapping a constitutional right

passed with a 73 percent vote yes

SJR 102; gives the state control of felony probation and parole

passed with a 74 percent vote yes

House District 1:Raul R. Labrador (R)

House District 2: Mike Simpson (R)


Please visit for complete local election results.


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