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The Tunnel of Oppression returns to campus

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

The Tunnel of Oppression is described by its curators, the Multicultural Student Centre (MCC), as an interactive theater experience.

According to the MCC website, their goals are to “raise awareness, conduct trainings, develop workshops and create programming that will address issues for both dominant and non-
dominant groups.”

Entering its eighth year, the Tunnel of Oppression highlights the role oppression plays in our society; specific focus is placed on themes such as racism and injustice.

Designed and performed entirely by students with the aid of faculty members who donate their time outside of class, the event has been a growing success with attendance increasing
every year.

The event is comprised of a roughly half hour walk-through tour where participants witness five or six theatrical shows followed by a counselor-led discussion where participants discuss their reactions to the shows.

Drawing inspiration from the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles as well as the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C., the Tunnel of Oppression program has grown from its roots at Western Illinois University to become a nationwide event found in colleges throughout the country.

Tunnel of Oppression is open from Nov. 8-10. Attendance is free however registration for a specific tour time through the link found on the MSS Tunnel of Oppression website is required.

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