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Try it with Tabby: Jumptime

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

Ball pits and trampolines—two of my favorite childhood pastimes. Nothing says being a kid like jumping until you get sick or heaving yourself into a rainbow of spherical objects.

This week for “Try it with Tabby” I revisited my childhood and headed to Jumptime to bounce to my hearts desire.

Something to know about me—sometimes I talk a big game. En route to the jumping fun with an entourage of Arbiter staffers, I claimed back-flip abilities and placed bets about who could jump the highest or do the most awesome tricks.

While my game talking skills were at an all-time high, I froze with a tad of anxiety as we walked through the door and a fluster of childhood memories of falling off of trampolines flooded into
my mind.

As an adult, I was the minority walking into Jumptime, but soon a nine-year-old girl took me under her Jumptime-wing and led me to the trampolines, where she began to talk even more smack than myself.

Her taunting and challenging tone gave me enough guts to face the trampoline demons of my past—and the jumping began.

Now these trampolines are not just any normal trampolines. The long, hall-like launching mechanisms were not only seemingly more bouncy than I remember, but they extended up the walls.

Although nearly everyone else, including nine-year-old girl, took advantage of the wall trampoline as a back-flip launching tool, I stuck to mastering the front flip.

After about 10 tries, I got it somewhat right, though never quite mastered landing on my feet.

After the trampoline, we moved on the foam pit. While not the brightly colored balls of my younger years, foam was a perfectly suitable substitute. Small trampolines served as springboards to the pit of a multitude of foam shapes. Running, jumping and taking the plunge, pain free was by far my most favorite part of the Jumptime experience.

The trampoline basketball area lost me a bit, as sports aren’t quite my thing. That said, I still found enjoyment in pretending to be Michael Jordan and attempting, though failing, to

In the end I came out losing each and every one of my bets, realizing I should give up on my cockiness, but also with a stomachache from all of the laughing involved in revisiting a childhood

That, along with the number of calories burned, is enough to recommend adult trampolining and foam pit jumping to grown ups everywhere.


To watch the Try it with Tabby video, click here

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