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Student voices – third-party candidates

Ahead of the 2012 presidential election, The Arbiter went around campus and asked students for their thoughts on third party candidates and the current two-party system.

Students were asked the following questions:
Are you familiar with any of the other candidates on the ballot this election?
Do you wish they had more exposure ?
What do you think of the two-party system? 


Holly Alvis
Freshman – Psychology

Zach Chastaine / The Arbiter

Oh man, not really, no. I knew names. I wish they had more visibility in the election, I wish it wasn’t so one way or the other. I’m just not that into it this year.


Ryan Haygood
Senior – Biomechanics

Zach Chastaine / The Arbiter

Well, I understand part of the whole reason is that the main candidates for republican and democrat, they have the funding to be able to put their voices out there. That’s something I can see as one of the number one reasons you never hear form the other ones is simply because the third party candidates don’t have the money to fund the marketing campaign and everything like that.


Timothy Reynolds
Junior – History

Zach Chastaine / The Arbiter

I’m more focused on the republicans than democrats right now. The two-party system has worked for our country so far. I don’t know if they actually want to make themselves visible, they try.


Piper Reed
Senior – Sociology

Zach Chastaine / The Arbiter

Third party candidates in general I think are underrepresented. I mean it’s unfortunate that it’s just a two-party system because you’re kind of stuck between voting for the lesser of two evils if you really want your vote to count. By voting for a third party it’s not necessarily a wasted vote but you know they’re not going to win.


Tyler Stevens
Freshman – Athletic Training

Zach Chastaine / The Arbiter

I had one lady come by and tell me about Gary Johnson and how he was coming to Boise State, but other than that, not really. This will be my first year voting. It’s kind of hard just showing the other two and not really giving anyone that much of an option when voting for the president. Personally I think as long as we just get Obama out, that would be fine with me.


Nicole Cianciarulo
Sophomore – Pre-nursing

Zach Chastaine / The Arbiter

The only one I know about is Ron Paul, that’s the only other one I know about. I think that I personally don’t really like just knowing two sides, I would rather know more than one side, like more than just the two candidates. I wish there were debates with the other four. I think the two-party system is working fine, but I just think that it shouldn’t be only two people running for each side.


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