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Czech Nonet amazes and inspires music students

Riley / The Arbiter

After a standing ovation, the Czech Republic musicians of Czech Nonet performed what students said to be a hilarious encore after their Student Union Performance Series (SUPS) concert last Thursday night in the Special Events Center.

Students said the performance was masterful, with great sounds and technique.

“Their musicianship was wonderful,” said Leah Pentland, music education graduate student.  “They communicate so well with each other. They had such a warm, rich sound. You don’t hear that terribly often. That’s probably the best group I ever heard.”

Students said the musicians played flawlessly as a unit. Each instrument was distinguishable, yet the nine players all came together to produce the warm rich sound Pentland described.

Students said they were amazed and inspired by the skill of Czech Nonet.

“They’re all such wonderful soloists, but playing together they just blended so well,” said Baylee Proctor, music education and flute performance major. “It was amazing how well they sounded together. It was incredible and really inspiring to watch them play.”

Czech Nonet played a variety of pieces from early classical to 20th century music.

The music varied in sound, speed and overall performance. Students said they enjoyed the combination and arrangement of the pieces.

“I like how they had a wide range of genres,” Pentland said. “The way they ordered their pieces in the program didn’t clash with each other and they were fun to listen to.”

Nonets (composed of a wind quintet and a string quartet) are not common in the music world. Pentland said she was wondering how the nine performers composed themselves onstage. With the flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and French horn musicians forming a back semi-circle which framed the front violinist, violist, cellist and contra bassist, Jeremy Ruth, senior clarinet performance major, said the arrangement was successful.

“It worked so well,” Ruth said. “From the very first chord they played was just ‘Oh my god’. It was very high quality.”

Of all the unique aspects of Czech Nonet, Pentland, Proctor and Ruth agreed the oboe player was the most entertaining to watch with his expressions and enthusiasm.

“The oboe player was really expressive and dynamic,” Proctor said. “I was a fan of the oboe player, and I’m not even an oboe player.”

As part of their visit to Boise State, Czech Nonet performed a second unique recital this past Friday as part of the Boise Chamber Music Series.

Czech Nonet also helped coach master classes for wind and string instruments this past Thursday and Friday that were available to both students and the general public (also a component of the Boise Chamber Music Series).

For upcoming SUPS and Boise Chamber Music Series performances, students can check the Student Union Fine Art Facebook page and the Music Department’s website.