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Boise Firefighters extinguish S. Vermont Ave. Apartment fire

Boise Firefighters lock down W Beacon St and S Vermont Ave to distinguish apartment fire near campus. (Jake Essman/ The Arbiter)

Boise Fire responded to a two alarm fire at the Vermont Avenue Apartment complex located on the 12000 block of South Vermont Avenue on Wednesday, Oct. 24.

Zac Fisher, a Boise State sophomore studying pre-med, was returning home from Jimmy John’s to his apartment, also located in the complex, when he saw smoke coming out of the building.

“I ran in there. I tried to open the door and then I banged on it for a little bit and then I called 911,” Fisher said.

Multiple units responded to a total of 27 personnel and Boise City Fire Chief Dennis Doan said firefighters broke the window of apartment 1203 to let out heat, smoke and gases so they could do a search. The door was forced open and a search and rescue was performed, no one was inside the apartment.

The fire was contained to the single apartment. The unit was damaged in the kitchen and part of the living room, approximately 30 percent of the of the total unit was damaged by the fire.

Doan said the fire department has a burn out fund in place that draws money monthly from each fire fighter’s paycheck which is later used to help people in need following a situation like the Vermont Street Apartment fire, or in instances where individuals do not have fire insurance.

No one was injured in the fire. The cause of the fire was determined to have been from butter in a pan left unattended on the stove.

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