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The Game of Garretson: Kramer’s gone crazy

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

Let’s take a trip to the eastern side of Idaho for this one, specifically in Pocatello, at Idaho State University.

Idaho State Head Football Coach Mike Kramer, a University of Idaho alum, was caught on film pushing senior wide receiver Derek Graves at practice on Oct. 3. The reason for the push: Graves wanted to match up against a veteran cornerback rather than a freshman to be tested on an equal level.

Kramer’s response? A march across the field, shouting “He’s a f—–g varsity player!” to Graves and then with the force of his two hands, shoved Graves to the ground. Almost two weeks later, Graves continues to have spasms in his back and has yet to be cleared to play.

The annoyance of this issue is that ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” picked this story up on a national level and yet nothing has been done to Kramer.

Police reports have been filed, Kramer has not been available the past two games and the university has been relatively hush-hush about the situation, which is the head-scratching part to this. The video has been viral for quite some time now and with evidence from the tape and witnesses from the countless Idaho State players, what is Kramer still doing in Pocatello?

Coaches are meant to be fiery and aggressive, getting their players riled up or motivated, but this is a boundary no coach is meant to enter.

This has not been Kramer’s first incident with a university that has caused a stir in the public’s eyes. As Montana State University’s head coach in 2007, he was dismissed as several of his players had been arrested for crimes involving drugs over a one-year span. Kramer sued, and somehow came away with a settlement outside of court.

Sure, keep Kramer in the hearts of his beloved fans and as a representative of an Idaho football product, but keep him out of coaching. It’ll be one less problem for Idaho State to deal with and one less task Kramer will have on his retirement check list.

Update (10/18/12 12:18 P.M. MT): When originally published, this article incorrectly labeled Jerry Kramer as Mike Kramer. Jerry Kramer is a former Green Bay Packer football player. Mike Kramer is the Head Football Coach at Idaho State University. 

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  1. Wrong Kramer. Terrible.

  2. Mike Kramer is the coach at ISU, not Jerry.

  3. You don't even know how to Google! I'd blame BSU for that, but that really is a grade school skill.

  4. weslmantooth // Oct 18, 2012 at 5:04 pm //

    Way to get his name wrong and then speed off on a rant about the wrong man. That's crack reporting work. Plus your quick little editor's note doesn't do the issue justice. It wasn't that you had the first name wrong, most of the column was about Jerry Kramer. Nothing like dragging a good man's name through the dirt. Apology time.

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