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ASBSU addresses finances and funding

Student Body President Ryan Gregg and Associated Students of Boise State University (ASBSU) members gathered Tuesday, Oct. 9 at the Student Union Building in order to clarify aspects of proposed school expenses.

ASBSU members discussed a current proposal entailing hiring a public relations firm to build state awareness and present a case study to Idaho legislators which members hope will promote equal funding between Boise State and other state funded centers for higher education.

Currently, for every $3 the University of Idaho receives for each full-time equivalent (FTE) student from the state, Boise State gets $2.

An increase in state funding could allow Boise State to hire more upper level division instructors. This would make it easier for seniors struggling to graduate to enroll in upper level courses with easier access and availability, Gregg said.

Gregg and members have met with various public relations firms, and if the current proposal is approved, it could cost roughly $24,000.

“When you pay for something like this, even if it is only moderately effective, and we think it will be more than moderately effective, but even if it is net positive effective, it will effect every student on campus,” Gregg said.

Members also outlined current plans to hand out 1,000 Bronco-themed t-shirts and sunglasses over the next two home football games. Those seated in the student section will have the opportunity of claiming these items on a first-come first-serve basis.

“One of the student government’s initiatives has been to increase school spirit and tradition and obviously football is a place where a lot of spirit and tradition comes out,” Gregg said.

Students interested in getting involved with ASBSU can contact Gregg and various members by calling 426-1223, visiting the ASBSU website, or emailing Gregg at

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