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Young partiers penalized

“We were walking up to the party, and we saw cop cars all the way down the road, so we were like, okay, this is gonna get busted but let’s go in anyway,” said Amanda Cochran, a sophomore elementary education student.

Cochran and a friend attended a house party near campus on the 1500 block of South Grant Street just before midnight on Saturday, Sept. 29.

“We walked into the house and starting going through and everyone is screaming,” Cochran said. “We go into the backyard and then they heard cops were there, everyone starts running around the side of the house and cops came around with flashlights.”

Boise police received two calls from neighbors complaining about noise.

“We walked out to the front and one of the cops came up to us and was like, have you two been drinking tonight, how old are you,” Cochran said.

The two were then breathalyzed. Cochran refrained from drinking that evening, along with her friend, and both were eventually allowed to leave as police corralled partygoers for questioning and sobriety testing. Police estimate there where around 250 people attending the party, many of them underaged.

“Ninety-nine citations were issued, 89 underage drinking, four disorderly conduct, and six open container violations,” said Charles McClure, Boise police public information spokesman.

“I think they should have given everyone a warning and sent them home, eighty nine seems a little excessive,” Cochran said.

According to Boise police, one female had a blood alcohol level of 2.5 percent.

The next evening, Sept. 30, police were kept further occupied when they responded to a call from campus security regarding a noticeable marijuana odor emanating from a residence in Taylor Hall dormitory.

“You could smell it throughout the whole Taylor Hall, especially the B section,” said Elizabeth Jones, a freshman resident of Taylor dorm. “The RA’s were going on their rounds and I guess they walked past the door and it was propped open a little bit, and they could smell it.”

“I am not sure if they called the cops then, or knocked on the door first, but I know that some cops came up and they opened the door and there was two-and-a-half pounds and apparently he had 19,000 dollars on him, and a dog,” Jones said.

Police arrested Anthony M. Inguez, a 21-year-old West Yellowstone resident.

“He is being charged with felony marijuana trafficking and is being held in the Ada County Jail,” McClure said.

The amount of marijuana in his possession totaled 1,105 grams (nearly two pounds) according to Boise police.

Inguez is not a student at Boise State, but was passing through to return to Montana and had friends living in the dorms, Jones said.

“He came from California to somewhere else, then Idaho and then was going to Montana,” Jones said.

Four other individuals were charged with frequenting a place where drugs are used and sold and one individual was charged with possession of marijuana. Police also found a small amount of marijuana in a water bottle belonging to a dorm resident.

Penalties for Frequenting a Place Where Drugs are Used and Sold are punishable up one year in jail and Trafficking in Marijuana can include up to fifteen years in prison.

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