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Going the distance for love

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Relationships can be difficult to maintain during college life.  If an ordinary relationship wasn’t hard enough, some students juggle work, school and the added pressure of a long distance relationship.

“I do believe long distance relationships are harder than regular ones,” said Echo Grube senior geosciences major. “I think this is because you have to work extra hard on every aspect of the relationship. When you do fight you can’t just kiss and make up. You have to talk things through and not just walk away from the

Whether their significant other moved away for college, work or somehow they found each other on a trip abroad, these relationships are anything but easy, however, very rewarding.

“One thing I love about a long distance relationship is that it gives the couple room to truly miss one another,” said Joyce Bingham, senior sociology major. “If you see a person every day, all day there isn’t really anything to miss.”

With all odds against their long distance relationships, these students push through the hardships to create something truly unique.

“A long distance relationship gives you space to reflect on the relationship and figure out what it is that you truly appreciate about them,” said Mitchell Rummer, sophomore athletic training major. “I love the visits, long or short, because that time is more meaningful.”

Two major components to a successful relationship are communication and trust. When living hundreds of miles away from their partners students say these are the two most important things to practice in their relationships.

“Setting aside personal time to talk to your significant other is vital,” Bingham said. “Trusting them is also very important. My relationship was built on these two aspects and it very important to keep those up to par.”

In ordinary relationships, it’s easy to catch a movie or make dinner for each other, but just because your partner is far away doesn’t mean you two have to miss out on the opportunity to do things together. The first step to take in a long distance relationship is to familiarize yourself with being creative.

Even though the two of you aren’t in the same room, city or state you can still do things together such as watch a movie, cook, workout or study. Continuing to do these things can relieve some stress and pressure from your relationship. Skype makes doing these together from a distance much easier and a lot of fun.

“To make it through the rough patches we try to talk on the phone, Skype or face time as much as we can,” Bingham said.

There are so many ways to connect from a distance with the use of technology. If you have a smart phone there are plenty of applications designed for long distance couples such as Pair. This application allows you and your partner to have a private timeline to share videos, pictures, messages and even allows you to draw with each

Even though there are new ways to connect with your partner, don’t ditch the old fashioned ways of communication. Writing a letter, sending an email or sending flowers and baked goods can be an interesting ways to keep your relationship strong and

When individual schedules become increasingly busy set up a routine of your own. Plan Skype and phone dates a couple times a week to stay connected and on the same page. These dates also give you something to look forward to and help pass the time that you are away from your loved one.

No matter where you are or what you are doing always indulge in the simple things that make your partner smile. Living far from your partner is not easy but it’s all about going the distance for the one you love.


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