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You Remember That, Johnson: Get Over Yourself

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

“You remember that, Johnson” is Katie Johnson’s survival guide to Boise State detailing her experiences last year as a first-year freshman from out of state.

I ended one of my first columns this semester with the phrase: You’re a freshman, and therefore not half as cool as you think you are. And this week I want to expand on that idea.

When you graduated high school, they handed you a diploma and you threw your cap. I think it’s safe to say you were probably thrilled, ecstatic and if you are anything like me, you were relieved. You’d lived through the shark tank which was your high school career with only some minor bruises to
your ego.

But what you should remember is more than the class schedule and the 52-minute classes, what you’re leaving behind is the social hierarchy and the

Newsflash baby Broncos: Nobody cares if you ruled the school. Check the queen bee attitude. Right now, you’re all equals. You’re all stressed about classes, work schedules and being away from home. But if you continue to walk around like the sun shines out of your badonkadonk, you aren’t going to have many friends.

You’re going to sink.  Nobody likes the girl who thinks she’s God’s gift to the Earth. Nobody likes the guy who won’t stop talking about how he won state for his high school football team. You’re a big kid now, Pull Ups and all. Here’s some food for thought: I’m willing to bet the number of people you still talk to from high school is rapidly shrinking. You know why? Because even you are starting to care less and less about what was so important in high school. Even the people you called your friends and all the reasons who’s-dating-who was so vital of information is becoming insignificant.

High school was about being friends with people similar to you. College is about meeting people who are different from you and push you. So the girl in the back of the class in the oversized shirt and the sock bun, she might be able to help you with your chem homework that’s
killing you.

Seriously kid, get over yourself. And from a fellow know-it-all: You don’t know anything.

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Katie Johnson is in her second year at the Arbiter, and loves being a part of the paper's staff. Having adapted the little sister role in the office, she is sometimes referred to as "child". Originally from an island off of San Diego, California she chose Boise State for a change of scene, and to have all four seasons. She has an awkward obsession with Harry Potter, and knows that her mischief will mostly likely never be managed.