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The bodies will be revealed

Patrick / Sweeney

Reveal the bodies!  Starting on Sept. 29, the Discovery Center of Idaho (DCI) off of Myrtle St. in Boise will host a “BODIES REVEALED” exhibit.  Not to be confused with “BODIES the Exhibition” shown in New York City and Las Vegas, the show  gives viewers the opportunity to look inside the human body by displaying preserved cadavers.

“It is a medical-based show that takes human bodies and plasticizes them,” said Janae Korsanta, visitor service lead and museum floor manager. “They inject a polymer that actually replaces all the water in the body with this polymer, and therefore it preserves the bodies permanently.”

The exhibit includes individual organs and whole specimens where the viewer may see the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems, amongst others. There will be around 200 specimen on display.

“We have 13 full bodies and over 150 specimens, different organs, body parts, pieces that are on display,” Korsanta said. “Bodies revealed takes a medical approach, so it explains what’s going on in the body and the science behind what’s happening.”

“BODIES REVEALED” will show from Sept. 29, 2012 to March 31, 2013.

More information on the “BODIES REVEALED” exhibit may be found on the DCI website.

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