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Q&A: AWOLNATION’s lead singer-songwriter Aaron Bruno

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Fans packed into the Knitting Factory for the sold-out AWOLNATION concert on Monday, Oct. 1. Opening bands included B.b. Gun, ZEALE, and Imagine Dragons. The band is currently on their Never Let Your Fear Decide Your Fate tour.

The Arbiter’s Lauren Hooker caught up with Aaron Bruno, lead singer-songwriter of AWOLNATION, a few minutes before the show. Here is what he had to say.

Q: How did you feel when Sail went viral?
A:  It was a good feeling, more so than the success of it all, really just that it got out in the public. I’d recorded a bunch of songs with other bands in the past that didn’t get to come out and do the legal ties to the labels, to release it and get it off of my hard drive and out into the public legally with no expectations, just to get my art and my vision into the atmosphere was great.

Q: Do you write all of your own songs? What inspires you?
A: Yes, I do. All the different music I listen to, I’ve been inspired by my whole life. That’s a big thing. And different life experiences: the up and downs of life, love, the pursuit of happiness, and what it all means, so to speak. Those are the things I’m always looking after. Different experiences I see on the road. I tend to be drawn to the struggle of life a lot. I want to express lyrics through that. It’s hard for me to write a song about just being happy, it easier for me to write about some sort of victory, some sort of struggle to get there.

Q: What is your favorite track on Megalithic Symphony?
A: I don’t really have one, but if I had to pick, it would be the last one, Knights of Shame. It’s 12 and a half minutes and I’m just really proud of it. It encompasses a bunch of different styles and genres into one song.

Q: What is a motto that you live by?
A: I don’t. Why do I need to live by a motto? My mottos change on a daily basis, if I were to have one.

Q: What does the future hold for AWOLNATION?
A: Just another record at some point. Continue to tour, continue to put out different stuff. Continue to keep it as lighthearted as possible. The songs are dead-serious, but all of the viral stuff, we try to make it as lighthearted and as much of a party atmosphere as possible so when people pay their hard-earned money to come to shows they go away feeling like they gained something out of it, with a similar experience to a good drug or some form of release to get us through the day.


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