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Poet Myung Mi Kim speaks as part of MFA reading series

Patrick Sweeney / The Arbiter

The Farnsworth room, a space the size of a small classroom, was alive with feelings of anticipation, excitement and intimidation on Friday, Sept. 28 as students, faculty and community members awaited a reading by poet Myung Mi Kim.

The reading was part of the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing reading series.

Walking by the merchandise table which the library provided with two of Myung Mi Kim’s amazing books was Charles Gable admiring both.  Gable graduated from Boise State with his MFA in poetry last year and has continued to come back for the MFA reading series at the university.

“Kim was one of the first really difficult poets that I got really excited about in college,” Gable said.

According to Gable, this reading series is impressive when compared to others in the country.

“[It is] really strange that it is maybe one of the best reading series anywhere—in Boise rather than somewhere else,” Gable said.

Cheyenne Parry, sophomore majoring in communications and English, said she was eager to hear Kim’s reading as well.

Once Kim entered the room the anticipation could be felt from the crowd.

She was introduced by a first year MFA student who described her as a “challenging and renowned writer.”

Before she started her reading she addressed the audience.

“I think that it’s wonderful that we are all here in this room on a Friday evening. I think that is something to be celebrated,” Kim said.

Kim read bits from all of her books and tried to help the audience understand what is written.

Kim is a postmodernist by all definitions. She kept the audience’s attention with her poetry and mind opening, speculative ideas.

“It’s not about the differences, alterity of any kind, but figuring what you might be able to add to it,” Kim said. “It is really a question about how you pay attention.”