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SUPS 9/28 Coverage

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

Jordan Lehman, freshman business and economics major, was one of the many students who stopped by the Student Union patio on Friday afternoon to enjoy the music of Jupiter Holiday and Acorn Project.
This free concert was part of the Student Union Performance Series (SUPS) arranged by the Student Union Fine Arts program.
“If your head wasn’t bobbing, you probably weren’t there,” Lehman said.

Jupiter Holiday
To begin the show, Jupiter Holiday broke the silence with a “jam that was quite funk-tastic,” according to Matt Hodel, sophomore business and finance major.
Comprising this local quartet was guitarist/lead vocalist Michael Bassett, drummer/lyricist Jason Grazian, bassist Kreed Kleinkopf and guitarist Shaun Palmer.
Though the outfit has a very diverse influential background, they don’t tend to lean in any one direction when writing music.
To make a song, Bassett or Palmer will come up with a riff or Bassett or Grazian will write down lyrics and the rest of the band will collectively cater to everything else.
“It’s very open-ended as far as the creative process goes,” Grazian said.
Jupiter Holiday plans to release their next album before the end of the year. Fans of progressive rock mixed with a hint of psychedelic funk and a dash of Rush-esque live performance sound, can stay updated by liking their Facebook page.

Acorn Project
Since 2002, Acorn Project of Bellingham, Wash. has rocked the music scene. The sextet is currently made up of Kevin “Kreestoe” Chryst, lead guitarist Tristan Currin, keyboardist/vocalist Oskar Kollen, saxophonist/vocalist Sam Lax, guitarist/vocalist Andy Pritiken and bassist Scott “T-Bone” Vailancourt.
The group was in Boise for a few weekend shows and were made aware of SUPS by “Downtown” Seth Brown of To Entertain U.
“It’s amazing the sound you can get when you mix a synth with sax,” freshman Miranda Boote said about the band’s sound.
The band members agree it’s easier to make music with a collection of six people.
“The trick is finding where to put each part of music to fill in the sound,” Kollen said.
Though every member has input when creating their music, Pritiken is the chief lyricist; and he is said to be a master of making up lyrics on the spot.
“It’s an exciting time for music,” Pritiken said.
The group plans to come back to Boise for shows to come. For more information on Acorn Project visit their Facebook page.

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