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You Remember That, Johnson: The Freshmen 40

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

You’ve probably heard of the freshman 15. Some of you have probably spent time hoping the scale doesn’t read more. Maybe you’ve tried eating right or hitting the gym. But even more damaging to your reputation than having to buy size six jeans is the freshmen 40.

It usually happens at the beginning of the year when everyone is still close with their  entire floor. Before you realize that half of your floor is annoying. That’s when the freshmen 40 happens.

It goes like this: Someone you’ve met outside of the dorms tells you to come over You ask if you can bring some friends and your host agrees. Except you don’t bring two or three friends. You show up with your whole floor.

Welcome to the freshmen 40. Nobody wants your whole floor at their house.

The same rule applies to parties or kick-backs. Unless you are explicitly told to bring as many people as you can, it’s just not cool to show up with more than say, three other people.

In a year or two you’ll look back and be embarrassed you showed up in a pack. You’ll see freshmen rolling around in packs and wonder why you ever did that.

The answer is pretty simple—you’re still trying to determine who your friends are. The rest of us see you walking down Broadway in a gang of people so big some of you are pushed into the bike lane and we can instantly label you freshmen.

Weed out your friends, pick a solid four or five people and stick with them. There’s no need for your whole floor to go everywhere with you. I promise, soon enough, you won’t like half of them.

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