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Tailgating at Bronco Stadium: Cheering on the Boys in Blue, both Drunken and Sober

Megan Riley / The Arbiter

Before each home football game, the Bronco Stadium parking lot is packed with tents, tailgates and fans, creating a sea of blue and orange. Ranging from the age of newborn to 95, thousands of people show up to get pumped for a hopeful Bronco victory. While prepping for your Bronco pre-game extravaganza, there are some things to keep in mind to make for a tasteful tailgating experience.

“I love how tailgating is like a huge reunion,” Candace Carmichael, junior business major said. “Everyone brings a ton of food and comes together like a family.”

From the Blue Thunder Marching Band performing their tailgate parade to the amusing and sometimes alarming outfits seen on some fearless fans, there’s a lot to keep one entertained before the Broncos take the field.

There are often two main approaches to tailgating. Some enjoy merely sitting in their lawn chairs amongst friends, drinking a couple of beers and discussing predictions for the outcome of the game. Others find it necessary to get completely sloshed before kickoff and run around like they’re on top of the world, because after all, it’s football, right? Why shouldn’t we go crazy?

“Drunk people most definitely add to the atmosphere of football,” James Miller, junior athletic training major said. “It brings a whole other level of energy to the game.”

Of course there will always be the tailgate moochers. These are the people who wander around to different tents, “making friends” to bum off free alcohol before they stumble into the stadium, flask attached to their thigh.

“I think it’s completely appropriate that people drink,”  Carmichael said. “However, it needs to stay out of the stadium in my opinion. Sitting next to belligerent drunk ruins the game.”

Whether you enjoy getting hammered for football or not, let’s face it, football is one of the few excuses that we have as Americans to wear the craziest outfits, yell the most hateful things, and get far too emotional.

“The best part about tailgating is seeing how excited people get to come and watch the game,” Miller said.

During this sacred time of year, here are a few tips to add to your tailgating, making it just a little more tasteful:

  1. Bring delicious dip. It’s easy to make, transport, and all you need to accompany it is a bag of chips. Try Pinterest recipes. Guys, ask one of your girl friends if you’re unfamiliar with that “P” word.
  2. Bring a cooler of assorted drinks. Sodas are always a must, and don’t forget the beer. It’s one of the few exceptions for allowing alcoholic beverages on campus. Why not take advantage of it?
  3. Bring a football with you. What could be more appropriate?
  4. During those cold games, pack a few blankets. If things go awry on the field, at least you’ll be cozy.
  5. Wear everything blue and orange that you can find. Who doesn’t need a Bronco colored jumpsuit?
  6. Be a part of Bronco Nation in every way possible. Yell for your team, clap during the fight song, and make friends across the parking lot as you share your love for Bronco football.





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