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Train serenades an energetic crowd

Photo Courtesy MCT Campus Wire Service

“My heart is bound to beat right out my untrimmed chest,” and that probably is what the enthused crowd of 3,600 was thinking when Train walked on stage Friday, Sept. 21 and opened with their hit “50 Ways to Say Goodbye.”

Those who were lucky enough to attend the sold out Train concert at The Taco Bell Arena were entertained by not only Train, but also by opening acts Andy Grammer and Matt Kearney.

Grammer had the crowd singing along to his entire song “Keep your Head Up” and had them swaying during his new hit “Miss me.”

“Most people came to this concert for Train but personally I was most excited about Andy Grammer,” Sophie Richard, sophomore political science major said. “He was so amazing and he had my heart racing the whole time. I kept screaming ‘you are so hot’ towards the stage, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t hear me.”

After Grammer finished his set, Kearney entered the stage.

Kearney had the guts to admit he is an Oregon Ducks fan and continuously teased Boise for its smurf turf and potatoes, but the crowd seemed to be forgiving and most fans got out of their seats and sang along to “Hey Mama,” his closing song.

Kearney brought the charisma and got everyone involved in his music.

He filled the arena with energy and got everyone pumped for Train to come on stage.

After waiting two hours from when the concert started, Train finally made an appearance on stage. People went wild and a light show began as they started singing their first song.

“I was excited when I heard Train was coming to Boise, I’ve been listening to them for a good 10 years now,” Kristina Adkins, junior English major, said. “I know all of their songs by heart and you better believe I sang along to every single one of them.”

Train has been around for 18 years now and have had three of their albums peak in the Top Ten of the Billboard 200 and have sold a total of over four million albums in the US.

This concert included songs from their first album all the way up to their current radio hits.

Lead singer Patrick Monahan invited fans on to the stage on numerous occasions.

Twenty young girls filled the stage and danced along to the “Mermaid” song and one lucky girl got to share the microphone with Monahan as they performed the band’s favorite song “Bruises.”

The band tricked their fans when they closed with “Hey Soul Sister” and left the stage, only to come back minutes later and perform three more songs including one of their biggest hits “Drops of Jupiter.”

They finally ended with “Sing Together” after giving a little boy a signed guitar and making him promise to one day become famous.