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Faculty Artist Series continues with Brian and Betsi Hodges

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

While some students partied at the clubs last Friday night, others hit up Morrison Center for the Performing Arts Recital Hall for the second Faculty Artist Series recital featuring music instructors Betsi Hodges on the piano and Brian Hodges on the cello.

“I’m glad I came, because I never would have gone to one of these if I didn’t have to (for a class),” André Womack, freshman mechanical engineering major said. “Now I think I would probably go. I want to try a lot of different ones like an opera and a play, a top notch musical play to get that different

Betsi Hodges and Brian Hodges played three pieces, each with several parts and varying tones and techniques. This provided students with the opportunity to contemplate what they’ve gained from music classes so far. Womack said he was able to apply aspects of what he’s learned.

“I like how the mood changed depending on the tone,” Womack said. “They switched the tone a lot. It made you think about a lot of different things. You think about different artists and a lot of different genres and it brought it all together in one great piece. I thought it was really good.”

Autumn Bradford, freshman music education major and cellist, said she enjoyed the Shostakovich piece because of its complex cello part. Having taken classes from Brian Hodges, Bradford said she liked hearing her instructor play.

“It was a good recital. Shostakovich was very good and I liked it. (Brian Hodges) did well with that. Shostakovich is very hard to do,” Bradford said.

Students said Betsi Hodges and Brian Hodges played well compatibly, each maintaining their individuality but coming together in each piece with energy and skill.

Mo Elshafei, freshman environmental science major, said he enjoyed the
married duo.

“I really liked it. When they played, each instrument complimented the other one,” Elshafei said.

Freshman psychology major Cieara Swainson said she was particularly impressed with Betsi Hodges and Brian Hodges complimentary performance.

“I was impressed by how well they played together,” she said. “They were very charismatic together.”

Students can look forward to more recitals as part of the Faculty Artist Series. More information can be found at