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Student Voices September 20

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September 20 – Student Voices


Do student ID laws concern you?


Zach Chastaine / The Arbiter

Tyler Hunt

Electrical Engineering



Not necessary because I have a regular ID. A state issued ID, and I used to work where I used to cash checks for people and you know, state issued IDs are more common.


Zach Chastaine / The Arbiter


Basanti Bail


2nd undergraduate


I guess you do need a state ID to get to the school, so you could then argue that since you got into the school, cause you need all those kind of records of ID and social security, all that in the same way you’re getting a state ID. It’s not maybe known by the state but in order to get one you have to some sort of state ID.


Zach Chastaine / The Arbiter

Dominique Froehlich




It wouldn’t really concern me because I do have a drivers license, but I think that for other people who don’t have a drivers license that wouldn’t be cool that they wouldn’t be able to vote.

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