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WHALE! and The Bare Bones: Electric and eclectic

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

Though the event was outside, The Bare Bones and WHALE! “rocked the house” last Friday on the patio of the Student Union Building.
The performance was organized by the Student Union Fine Arts program as part of the Student Unions Performance Series (SUPS).

The group is comprised of Tyler Brodt on guitar and vocals, Wade Ronsse on drums, Alex Walgo on lead guitar and Jesse Wiedmeier on bass.
Their set included original songs in addition to covers of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Midnight Special” and Led Zeppelin’s “Bring it on Home.”
While these classic songs are an example of the entire band’s versatility, they do no justice in expressing the potential these guys hold.
The group has played about 20 live shows together and is relatively new, as the members have only been together for five months. Thus, the four are still finding their sound as one.
“There’s no blueprint for the way we make our songs,” Walgo said.
Brodt added, “It’s like there’s divine intervention for each song we create.”
When Brodt met Walgo he was very folk-oriented and had originally planned on doing solo work.
But when the two collaborated, a new world of music was introduced to Brodt: this started a skeletal structure of what was to eventually be WHALE!.
All the duo needed was a Flea-esque bassist and a Jack-of-all-trades drummer.
This was a gift which was delivered to them less than a year ago and according to Ronsse they have clicked ever since.

The Bare Bones
Members the second band to play Friday, The Bare Bones, said they agree while good music is certainly out there, it is much harder to find these days. Therefore, the music they create appeals more to an older generation.
“The more 40-year-old people we have in the audience, the better,” Chris Brock, frontman of The Bare Bones said.
Though Aaron Bossart and Brock started off as a two-piece collective, they inducted bass guitarist Nathan Norton into the band in early 2012.
Unfortunately, Norton was unable to make it to Friday’s event, but even with one man down the twosome destroyed their set with bouts of kick-ass solos on the guitar and drums in their songs “The Devil’s Medicine” and “Fight a Grizzly Bear.”
The two also kept a professional and cool stage presence when there was a small technical hiccup early in the performance.
The manner in which they conducted their act was exactly what someone  would expect from any seasoned two-piece outfit.
“As long as we have an audience, we’re happy,” Brock said.
And as long as bands like The Bare Bones and WHALE! are making music, they’ll have an audience.

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