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Professor and family experience dorm life

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Scott Roark gets up every morning and goes about his routine like working people often do.

Eating breakfast with his children, checking his e-mail and drinking coffee. He then heads out the front door and leaves his apartment building in Morrison Hall, a dormitory at Boise State.

Roark is one of five faculty members living in the various dormitories housing Living Learning Community (LLC) program members.

Created in 2004, the LLC program places instructors in housing among roughly 24 students in each of the five programs designed to integrate both learning and living within the area of study each group of participating students has chosen.

The five LLC communities where faculty resides include, Arts and Humanities, the College of Business and Economics (COBE), Engineering, Health Professions, and Continuing Scholars: Second Year Students.

In Roark’s case, his students chose to study through the COBE course.

Roark applied for the program this summer with the express permission of his wife who championed the idea.

They decided it would be a great experience for themselves and their four children, ages four through nine, who have only lived in traditional suburban areas.

Roark is not billed for housing as long as he fulfills the obligations set forth in his contract to teach the COBE LLC course.

Roark’s students engage in community service projects geared toward business, and are responsible for the inception, marketing and day-to-day operation of Dawson’s 4.0 Coffee Shop located on the first floor of the Micron Business and Economics building.

The LLC program offers a chance at greater success for first year students, boasting 50 students on the Dean’s list for fall term last year.

Admission for students requires submission of a housing application online, a deposit and fee, as well as the inclusion of a written essay and resume outlining  previous work and life experience.

Only first year students are eligible for admission to the program, though in subsequent years they may become teaching aides or join the Community Scholars and Global Village programs that allow a wider range of membership.

Students must apply at least a month in advance to ensure the four week application review can be completed before the commencement of
fall term.

When asked what it’s like living in the dorms with a large number of freshman students, Roark said it has been a smooth transition from suburbia. He recently attempted to thank those students above and below his second floor dormitory apartment for keeping the peace, a gesture he states might have come off as sarcastic.

“I went upstairs after the first week of classes, I wanted to like, see some of the guys up there and say, hey I appreciate the courtesy you guys have shown, but no one was there, just an RA, and he said he would pass it along,” said Roark. “At first he thought I was being facetious. In all honesty, I have not been disrupted, disturbed at all, I mean these are freshman young men, and you expect them to be a little wild.”

Roark’s living space differs from the regular dorm layout.

“We live in the A suite and what they did is, they blew it out, you know, just gutted it. Its basically a three bedroom apartment, with two bathrooms, a kitchen, its totally different than anything else you would see in the dorm, it’s like how normal people live, not students,” Roark said.

He enjoys his situation and understands he must get some funny looks from students when entering and exiting the Morrison Hall dorms at
all hours.

“I doubt everyone in Morrison knows what is going on,” Roark said.

Roark and colleagues hope the program will continue to foster better students and prepare them for further education and jobs in the modern workforce.



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