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Broncos soar above the Redhawks; first win of the football season, 39-12

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

The first home game of the season has always proved to be exciting, with fans lining the streets, welcoming tailgaters, and 34,178 fans filling the stadium, the second highest attendance in Bronco stadium history.


However, what proved to be a slow start against Miami Ohio to begin the start of the first half, soon had the feel of a traditional Bronco football home game, a large gap with Boise State leading the field.


It was uneventful first half, with the Broncos leading the Redhawks 15-9.


Redshirt Junior Joe Southwick began the game with a slow start. The Broncos began their first drive 11:58 into the first quarter only to end with an interception by Miami Pat Hinkel.


However, despite the Redhawks seemingly gaining the momentum from the interception, it was a down and out as the Boise defense took control with three plays with a gain of seven yards.


The Broncos were the first to put points on the scoreboard, with an impressive three plays, gaining 55 yards in 59 seconds.


“We were moving the ball.  Each week we need to keep getting better.  Week two to week three we need to see some improvement,” Southwick said.


It was Sixth-year D.J. Harper, 61 yards rushing throughout the first half, with the most significant contribution with 5:04 left in the first quarter.  Harper rushed for 20 yards, completed a 21-yard pass and a successful rush attempt for the touchdown.


Miami answered the Bronco touchdown with a successful field goal attempt by Kaleb Patterson to begin the second quarter.


It would not end there.  The Redhawks took the lead over the Broncos with a 53-yard pass completion to Spencer Treadwell, putting the ball on the Bronco 2-yard line and an answering touchdown.   However, the attempt at the two point conversation failed leaving the score 9-8 Redhawks.


The Broncos rallied with 4:39 left in the second quarter.  It was Harper who came up with the much-needed Boise State touchdown with 1:43 left in the second quarter resulting in a Bronco lead heading into the locker room.


Boise State came out ready to play in the third quarter.  Within 5 minutes Harper had gained yet another touchdown for the Broncos on an 11-yard run.


Harper refused to remain silent for long.  With 5:29 left in the third quarter he completed a 43-yard run for the touchdown.  The Broncos had put some distance between themselves and the Redhawks with a 20-point lead, 29-9.


It would be a career high 158-yards rushing for Harper.  His previous career high was 153-yards in 2007.


“That’s what we expect out of D.J. and I think he will play at a very high level every game,” Coach Chris Petersen said.


The Broncos were an unstoppable force in the third quarter.  The Boise State drive began with 4:04 remaining in the third quarter and in 1:46, with a mere 6 plays at 54-yards the Broncos earned another touchdown to stretch the lead.  This time it would be a completed pass to Senior Chris Potter for 11 yards, 36-9.


“There is a lot of fire power on this team with getting almost 600 yards today,” Southwick said.


Miami answered with 14:11 remaining the fourth quarter, completing a 42-yard field goal, attempting to bridge the 27-point gap.


And the lead extends an additional three points.  Senior Michael Frisina completes a 26-yard field goal attempt.  But that would be the final score of the game, as the Broncos end with their first game at home, 39-12 over Miami Ohio.


Boise State will be back on the blue turf against BYU on Thursday at 7 p.m.


“The biggest thing will be mentality.  It’ll be a quick turnover and it will be a challenge,” Harper said.

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