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Fan voices: Miami (OH) game

Senior Michael Fazio (Cody Finney/ The Arbiter)

In light of the Boise State Broncos’ home opener against the Miami Redhawks Saturday afternoon, the Arbiter sports team went around to the tailgates outside Bronco Stadium to ask one simple question:

Despite the opening loss to Michigan State, how will your Broncos fare the rest of the season?

These were some of the responses we receieved:

Senior Michael Fazio (Cody Finney/ The Arbiter)

“If they win every single game, especially against BYU because they [BYU] are ranked, we’ll get back in the rankings. I know we’ll be the at-large pick  if we finish below 17th, at least that’s what my friend Andy said. We got a good chance, BYU is our biggest chance. If we beat them we’re back in the polls.” Michael Fazio, Senior, Health Sciences

“I think they’re gonna do great. Joe Southwick will pull something out, replacing Kellen Moore. Our offense is gonna get going today, since we didn’t score a touchdown for the first time in a few years. I think they’re gonna bring it for the rest of the season, stay motivated and win a bowl.” David Tovar, Junior, Social Work




Candice Grossaint (Cody Finney/ The Arbiter)

“We believe in the Broncos. We’ve been fans since they were a BJC school, so we’re die hard Bronco fans. It doesn’t matter what they do, we’re just gonna back them with everything we’ve got and we’re proud of the Broncos. Our son is a graduate back in December, it doesn’t matter, it just doesn’t matter.” Candice Grossaint






Freshman Mac Tackett (Cody Finney/ The Arbiter)

“They’re going to kill this season. They’re gonna go 13-1. I hope they go to the Potato Bowl so we can go but the Rose Bowl would be pretty tight to go to also.” Mac Tackett, Freshman, Business Management

“Well I think on home turf they’re definitely a lot stronger just because they got all the fan support. It’s a little scary when you’re away but I think with the cheering will a couple more touchdowns and win.” Caitlin Kreyche, Junior, Math Secondary Education





Mrs. Idaho United States 2012 Lisa Stoehr (Cody Finney/ The Arbiter)

“I think it was just a minor glitch and we’re gonna rally. I think Joe is gonna pull it together and he’s just going to be a star. He had Kellen Moore as a mentor and I think he’s just gonna run with it.” Lisa Stoehr, Mrs. Idaho United States 2012

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