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The Game of Garretson: questioning voter integrity

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

I know I’m beating a dead horse, already. If there is one argument that rings in the ears of Boise State fans on an endless loop, this would be it. Change has been little and the paradigm has continued for the past few years. I’m talking about college football rankings.

More specifically, the question on where Boise State should lie has been a talking head topic for years on all sports forum, but now it’s become more of a significant issue. The vagueness of judging one game, a game that played an essentially new Bronco team versus a Big Ten powerhouse.

No Kellen Moore. No Doug Martin. Just Coach Petersen and the talent he recruited in his current tenure.

Back to the Michigan State game, the victory was deserving of Michigan State, where Heisman candidate running back Le’Veon Bell had a field day on the ground with 210 rushing yards and two touchdowns. However, the Broncos kept in the game, despite a lackluster offense, and showed they can hang with the big boys of the top FBS

Following the loss, Boise State fell out of the AP Top 25 to No. 26 and recently fell out of the USA Today poll to No. 26 as well. Justified, as the Broncos have yet to record a win and other teams stepped up to the occasion of being a worthy top 25 team.

Consequently, two powerhouse schools fell to their respective underdogs last weekend, but still remained in the Top 25. Arkansas lost to Louisiana Monroe 34-31 in overtime, yet remain No. 21 overall in the USA Today poll. Wisconsin gave a poor effort in facing Oregon State, yes Oregon State, and fell to the Beavers 10-7, yet are still No. 22 in the USA Today poll. It’s things like these I can’t make up.

The ironic thing is that these top teams pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to have these teams come and play them at their respective homes, to only now get shown up? The Razorbacks paid $500,000 to play ULM, to only lose that and millions more as ESPN’s GameDay rerouted their show from Fayetville, Ark. to Knoxville, Tenn. in a matter of hours after the loss.

Yet pollsters look at a game such as Michigan State-Boise State and seem to think the game truly knocked the Broncos out of national relevance. Give Michigan State the benefit of being a Rose Bowl contender, but don’t doubt the raw talent Boise State showcased in a four point loss in a game where the Broncos lead for a good portion of the game.

Will justice be served this season? Unlikely. Maybe in the Broncos’ debut in the Big East next year? Doubtful. It’s the blue chip mentality these Broncos need to continue to chip away to get the recognition they deserve.

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