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Student Union Performance Series will return to rock the SUB patio

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

The Student Union Performance Series (SUPS) continues Friday Sept. 14 on the Student Union patio with a classic rock and indie vibe concert.

Featured bands, The Bare Bones and WHALE! will hit the stage at 11:30 a.m.

Both bands include a mixture of students from  Boise State, University of Idaho and College of Western Idaho.

The Bare Bones formed in July 2011 as a two-man band. Guitar player and vocalist, Chris Brock along with Aaron Bossart, junior and entrepreneurship major on the drums, began collaborating with their unique styles in a garage.

“We started playing together last June after jamming on some of the tunes I had written,” Brock said. “Since then it’s been a collaborative experience with me still writing the lyrics and guitar parts and Aaron coming up with some crazy awesome drum parts.”

Recently, the band  made a new addition with bass player Nathan Norton, who won’t be joining the band for the performance.

Together they create alternative and indie tunes that showcase the group’s electric motivation to make a name for themselves.

Their music has a chill vibe with noticeable influences from similar sounding bands such as The Frames, Modest Mouse and The Pixies.

WHALE! is known for their love of classic rock, as it shines through their music.

WHALE!’s music is inspired by an array of different genres and bands such as The Beatles, The Doors and Austrian Death Machine.

WHALE! started out  with only two members, Tyler Brodt, sophomore general studies major, and Alex Wargo, freshman general studies major. Then came Wade Ronsse, University of Idaho junior and Jesse Wiedmeier sophomore history major, who hit it off with the band from the start.

“I met Alex at a party in Boise and he invited me to come jam with them,” Ronsse said. “When we first got WHALE! going, we experimented with both Alex and Tyler switching off on bass about halfway through the set, but that wasn’t working out, so we picked up one of Tyler’s buddies, Jesse. He blew us away within the first couple minutes, so we called it a band right then and there.”

The band said they try to break free of the blues mold their audience identifies them as, with their high energy and contagious desire to just have fun on stage.

“We don’t really have one inspiration,” Ronsse said. “That’s one thing that sets us apart from other bands. Sometimes Tyler will come to us with a folk riff and a day later it’s a hard rock or funk jam. You never know.”



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