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Health food on campus is the future

I think that there is a lot to be said about pushing healthy and organic foods at schools and colleges across America. It is good that our society is trying to make a push towards a healthier country.

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There is a lot to be said about pushing healthy and organic foods at schools and colleges across America. It’s good our society is trying to make a push toward a healthier country.
All over the country an effort is being made to help students shed the pounds by taking some of the tasty goodness off the shelves. The trend is starting to lean towards Cliff® bars rather than Snickers® bars.
Last year the University of Iowa announced their implementation of a campaign called UChoose which attempted to promote the healthiest foods sold on campus. The guidelines for the food given the UChoose seal of approval were somewhat stringent. For example: sodium could not be more than 480 miligrams per serving. Foods that met one or more of the criteria were awarded a sticker denoting it was a healthier choice for students.
In 2006 Bruce Horovitz, a writer for USA Today, reported that Yale University was working with Aramark food services to increase the number of organic food suppliers servicing the campus. At the time Ernst Huff, who oversees student financial and administrative services at Yale, reported 40 percent of food served on campus was organic.
But if you look at Yale University, you will find they were making the push toward healthy organic food much earlier than 2006. In fact according to the Yale Sustainable Food Project, the initiative started back in 2000 when a group of students decided to increase the amount of organic food on campus after becoming concerned about the food available on campus at the time.
Now, with about 12 years of sustainable food initiative under its belt, the Sustainable Food Project at Yale notes many colleges have since started similar programs including Harvard and Stanford.
Conrad Quilty-Harper of The Telegraph wrote about a study published by the BMC Public Health in which Americans were third on the list for most overweight countries. But I think movements such as the Yale Sustainable Food Project show a growing trend that sustainable food efforts and healthy eating are becoming a growing trend on campuses in the United States. It is a great sign;  maybe we’re tired of our high rank in the BMC Public Health study.
Boise State offers an exceptionally balanced range of snacks on campus. There are about as many varieties of protein bars as there are gummy snacks available in the Student Union Building, leaving students the choice to either eat healthy or enjoy a delicious bag of Doritos.
Health Services offers a range of classes aimed to teach students about healthy diet choices and other nutrition information such as a course all about vitamins.
As efforts continue to be implemented on campuses, the odds are we will start to see less sugary, fatty and generally unhealthy foods and more organically produced foods or at least foods that are more conscious of what goes on the nutrition facts label.

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