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BroncoTEC Open House

Cody Finney / The Arbiter


BroncoTEC, located across from the Bookstore in the Student Union Building, celebrated its remodel with an open house all day last Thursday.

Customers trickled in, alone or in pairs, to taste a variety of refreshments and submit an entry to win either the grand prize 19” COBY LED TV, a Samsung entertainment system with multiple speakers or a DVD player.

BroncoTEC is the only Apple-authorized dealer where a student can get a deal and give back at the same time.

“Much of the software has academic pricing that is better than they can get in an off-campus store,”  Janis McCurry, technology buyer said.

“We return all profits over our operating costs to the general scholarship fund,” McCurry said.

In the last year, over $1 million was contributed.

McCurry has been with the Bookstore since March 2004 and she said she is excited about being an integral part of the Boise State technology team effort.

“The mission is the same as the Boise State Bookstore’s mission, which is to provide students with the tools they need outside the classroom to be a success,”   McCurry said.

She also noted they are there to help quickly boost students into fully-functional computing users.

In an informal way, BroncoTEC also helps launch new Apple computer users in coordination with The Zone.

“I have to give kudos to OIT opening The Zone for students, which over the past years has not been the case. Now they have two different Zones on campus, and that’s really helpful, because a lot of the problems students might have is just getting preferences and logging into our internet system,” said McCurry.

“I always find everything and anything I need when I come in here, when it comes to fulfilling my technological needs and desires,” said Tim Hiatt, a sophomore geoscience major with an emphasis in hydrology.

McCurry pointed out the 500 square feet of the store’s refreshed look and feel. She sees a real sense of added value for each of their product lines complimented by the high intense lighting effects, the new wall display cases, and the streamlined front counter.

The new headphone listening stations attract attention by displaying the highly popular Urbanears and SOL Republic products, Michael Phelps’ headphone of choice.

Riley Conrad, sophomore political science major with an emphasis in International Relations said, “You’ll never find better service than the guys here. They’re all a bunch of great guys. They got the best stuff for pretty good prices. This is where we come when we want great technology.”

“I’ve been here before, but I’m not really a Mac person. I’m actually looking for an internet cable. I’m looking at prices and checking it out. Like the campus layout— it’s easy to find everything,” said Chad Smurthwaite, a freshman athletic training major.

After viewing a selection of iPads at the new “easy-to-use display,” Yi Tong said, “I’m shopping to buy an iPad.”

Tong is a freshman general business major from Kun Ming in Yun Nan province China. “This is my first time outside China. Many students and teachers helped me locate housing and foodservice. These are very nice local people.”



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