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A look inside the Outdoor Progam

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The start of the fall semester marks a new series of trips with the Outdoor Program: a program that give students the opportunity to fully experience Idaho’s great outdoors.
“Normally, what goes into that is what trips have gone on in the past,” said Nicole Gallaher, coordinator for the Outdoor Program. “We’ll try to do a new one every once in a while to see if that’s going to go, if people are going to
like it.”
An added benefit for the Outdoor Program is that awesome backpacking trips can be planned within a relatively close location.
The Outdoor Program has also introduced an advanced techniques series. The series will be taking skills to the next level. For $45 students can sign up for one-month worth of courses, if all of the courses are signed up for at one time.
In addition, there will be free clinics the first Friday of every month starting at 5 p.m. for students interested in setting routes in the climbing gym. There will be four clinics during the semester and students must sign up at least 24 hours in advance. Students can register online up until Thursday at
“We heavily rely on the community to keep this gym fresh with new routes,” Gallaher said. “It’s good to have a variety. We do prefer that they go outside and climb because we want to better mimic outdoors to indoors.”
It is difficult for more advanced climbers to bring their setting levels down. Therefore, it’s better to have climbers at all different levels. Climbers also benefit from having someone else with them because they can test the route out.
Summer is the biggest push for the Outdoor Program, with all of the incoming freshmen. The Outdoor Program will also continue with Wednesday night fireside chats. Because it is still warm outside, there will be a slackline around dinner hours up by the Student Union Building.
“It is addicting because you learn the basics of a new trick,” said Gallaher.
The Outdoor Program will be bringing back the Reel Rock Film Tour on Oct. 23 in the Special Events Center. Tickets are $6 presale, and $8 at the door.
The Sunday hours of the climbing gym have changed. The hours are now 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. because the program wants to be more available for families. There will also be a free belay class taught on Sundays
at 2 p.m.
“You’re not just running or lifting weights, which is still beneficial to the things that we do, but climbing is just a different workout. It’s more of a social workout,” said Gallaher. “When you go on our trips it’s nice to see what’s in your own