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Rock and Reggae show rocks the Centennial Amphitheater

University Pulse welcomed Boise State students back to school on Saturday, Aug. 25 with the University Pulse R&R Concert.

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

University Pulse welcomed Boise State students back to school on Saturday, with the University Pulse R&R Concert.
Students gathered in the Centennial Amphitheater for the free event which was much more than the average concert. The event included a tug-of-war tournament, a water slide and free ice cream near the dorms.
The theme of the evening was rock and reggae. Pause for the Cause, a reggae/rock band out of Boise, was the first band to play. Brandon Jenkins, drummer and singer of Pause for the Cause described the band’s sound as “reggae andhip-hop.”
“We’ve got the reggae style they’re looking for,” Jenkins said. “I’m looking forward to jamming for the crowd and watching them get into it.”
Pause for the Cause played many original songs, and their cover of “The Lazy Song” had the crowd singing along.
Local band Riot for Higher followed Pause for the Cause and added a variety of musical styles to the show. The crowd listened to their songs that infused rock, hip-hop and screamo music styles.
Voice of Reason was the third band to play at the event. They kept the theme going with their strong reggae sound mixed with brass instrumentals.
Actual Depiction, an alternative rock band from Boise with a reggae influence, finished the night off with anthems that had the crowd cheering.
Music blasting through the amphitheater and across campus drew the attention of students passing by. Leah Koehler, junior exercise physiology major, came out to enjoy the show.
“I came for the music,” Koehler said. “I would like to see even more shows here with local bands and mainstream music.”
Matthew Styler, DJ at University Pulse, coordinated the event.
“I’m hoping students will push to put on more shows throughout the year,” Styler said.
To keep up with upcoming events put on by University Pulse, go to their Web site and their Facebook page.

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