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Quotes and photos from Dona Larsen Park Dedication

Athletic Director Mark Coyle gifts photo of Dana Larsen Park to Dona Larsen and her family. Dona Larsen Park was dedicated August 15, 2012. (Cody Finney/ The Arbiter)

Wednesday morning, Aug 15 was the Dona Larsen Park Dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony at the new Dona Larsen Park athletic facility. Notable key speakers were Boise State President Bob Kustra, Mayor Dave Bieter and Athletic Director Mark Coyle. Dona Larsen Park will be the ninth member in Boise’s “Ribbon of Jewels” collection of parks named after influential women. Here are a few quotes and photos from the event:

“We learned that she was an active member of the Boise community. Her 10 children graduated from East Junior High. She’s spent her life heavily involved not only in teaching but local athletics. It’s clear that the is a passionate woman and that this is upfront for us to see all of her students benefit from”

“The last and crowning moment that is so exciting for us is that this park is not only a Boise State facility, not only being used by generations of students and athletes and fans in softball, football and in track. But it also adds to the ribbon of jewels in the city of Boise.”

– Boise State President Bob Kustra

“I can’t tell you how happy I am to be here on behalf of our whole city. It’s a rare occasion to dedicate a facility that means so much to all of us”

– Boise Mayor Dave Bieter

“We are trying to get the wow factor, ‘How do we attract more student athletes here’. You talk about a lasting impression, this is it”

– Boise State Athletic Director Mark Coyle


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