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Boise has a plethora of hot spots to keep cool during summer

Summer in Boise translates to long, hot days. So the question is asked, what is the best way to escape the heat?

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Summer in Boise translates to long, hot days. So the question is asked, what is the best way to escape the heat? The answer to this question is simple: Boise is a hot spot for water destinations that will provide cool relief from the sun.

1. Floating the Boise River

The river is now officially open to the public. After a long and patient wait, it is time to get those rafts and head to Barber Park.  I would suggest a raft that will provide the best guarantee of not having a leak. During my first time floating the river, our raft sunk and I can testify it was not a pleasant walk back to campus. As struggling college students, it is easy to want to purchase the raft that does not dig very deep into our pockets. However, be careful with your selection because a two to three hour float can have an effect on the raft.

2. Jump Creek Canyon

Hiking is a great way to experience the outdoors during the summer, but a trail that ends in a 60-foot waterfall takes the cake.  Jump Creek Canyon is located Southwest of Marsing. There is no better way to end a hike then with a dip in the falls.

3. Lucky Peak, Sandy Shores

Lucky Peak is the closest destination to campus that provides boat access. However, not all of us are fortunate enough to own a boat or have friends with a boat. Therefore, the next best spot to escape the heat is the Sandy Shores of Lucky Peak. There is even the added addition of a fountain, and let’s be honest, we all love to play in the fountain.  The closest fountain that brings me back to my childhood days is the fountain in Ann Morrison Park. Yes, there is a sign that warns against jumping into the fountain, but nothing says we can’t live life on the edge.

4. Arrow Rock Reservoir

Arrow Lake is located 15 to 20 minutes past Lucky Peak Dam. This is not only an excellent camping spot located directly next to the water, but also the best destination to bring a boat. It is also a nice destination to avoid the crowds if you would like to hangout beachside because not many people will make the drive past Lucky Peak.

5. Roaring Springs

Water parks are always a great way to have a fun day in the sun.  Yes, this also brings many of us back to our childhood when mom would drop us off and let us spend the day running train throughout the water parks. Did the lifeguards love us?  Let’s go with a maybe not on the answer to that question. However, if you would like an inexpensive day at the water park, Roaring Springs offers deals which are all updated online.

6. The Natatorium

What is more simple than swimming around in the pool for the day? The Natatorium is located on Warm Springs Road, a short drive from campus and roughly a 15-minute walk. It is inexpensive and the best way to escape the heat while lounging around, a simple life.

7. The Hot Springs

Now, the hot springs may not be the best way to escape the heat, but it is an adventure and better suited for the night time. My first time was quite an experience during the middle of winter. But if you are adequately prepared with flashlights and warmer clothes then it is a very fun experience.  During the summer visitors do not need to worry about the warm clothing which makes the hot springs the ideal destination with the long daylight hours and warm weather.