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BSU student and wife die in car accident

Boise State student Zachary, better known as Zach, Peterson, passed away in a tragic car accident on Sunday, April 22, 2012.


Boise State student Zachary Peterson, passed away in a tragic car accident on Sunday, April 22, 2012.

While driving east on Highway 26 in Oregon, 26-year-old Zach and his wife, 33-year-old Courtney Jane (CJ) Glick-Peterson (who was driving the vehicle) entered the opposite lane and collided with a Dodge pickup with a trailer. Both Zach and CJ were killed, along with the man driving the pickup.

Zach grew up in Grayslake, Ill. and moved to Boise where he began attending Boise State as an accounting and finance major.

Zach worked for Dark Psyence Records and under the artist name Zacklander as a producer/DJ in Boise. He is survived by his mother, Sharon Peterson, sister and brother-in-law, Colleen and Chad Wogernese, and his nephews, Ethan and Nolan.

A memorial service for Zach and CJ Peterson was held on Sunday, April 29, 2012 at Julia Davis Park. The service was open to friends of the couple, including Boise State students. Pictures of Zach and CJ, along with flowers, balloons and a screen with a picture slideshow of the couple rested near a stage where friends were encouraged to share their memories. After Rob Thomas’s “Little Wonders,” was sung in honor of Zach and CJ, the microphone was open for friends to share stories.

Friends at the memorial service who shared their stories stressed that Zach and CJ will be greatly missed.

Robert Stevahn spoke at the memorial service. Here is a shortened version of his eulogy:

“Hello, I am Robert. Along with my wife Chris, I was Zack and CJ’s housemate for the past year. But more than that, we had become close friends with a little quasi-parental love thrown in for good measure. I’m here to talk about CJ & Zack’s years in Boise.

While Zack did turn his life around over the next few years, it’s not like he was perfect from Day 1. My first memory of Zack involves him throwing my friend Benne into our swimming pool, fully clothed and with cell phone in hand.

To a person, both CJ’s and Zack’s friends who I’ve spoken with say that their relationship was good for both of them. They treated one another with love and respect, just as they treated their friends.

Zack went back to school, using most of his student loan money to throw parties and get Dark Psyence off the ground. He even went to class sometimes, but always aced the tests and completed the important assignments.

Just last weekend he was telling me how he was the annoying class clown, always making accounting jokes in class while completing work in his head that the professor was still working out on the chalkboard.

As I said earlier, I never met a more playful creature than CJ. With Zack, I never had a more affectionate friend. He always greeted me with a “Hey Buddy,” usually followed by a hug and an “I love you.” If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my dear friends, it’s that I can never say “I love you” enough. May we all live and learn.”

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  12. Rip may god help there family to overcome this grief.

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