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Dream to defy; Wakeboard club movie premiere

To defy is to challenge to do something considered impossible.

Photo Courtesy Wakeboard and Water-Ski Club

To defy is to challenge someone to do something considered impossible. The Boise State Wakeboard club will be hosting the premiere of Defy, the Danny Harf Project, Monday April 16 at 7 p.m. in the SpEC Theatre in the Student Union Building.

Who is Danny Harf? Danny Harf is one of the best all around wakeboarders of his time. He has four X Games medals, multiple pro tour victories, two Master’s Championships, two national Titles, a World’s Title, was the 2009 Bro Stock winner. He is pushing the limits of wakeboarding to the extreme.

Why attend this movie premiere? It’s simple. This movie is meant to inspire and motivate every audience member to take action.

“They show people hucking the craziest stuff you’ll ever see,” secretary Ian Sherrow said. “Launching off doubled up wakes, throwing double tantrums, and the fattest ralies you’ll ever see. It’s crazy. They set up crazy features, insane rails, and jumps. You watch them hurl themselves into impossible things that no human could do, but they do it somehow.”

More importantly, this movie premiere will offer free door prizes for all in attendance.

There will be eight main sponsors that will provide prizes. The Water Ski Pro Shop, Idaho Water Sports, Monster Energy, Kuborra, Uni Threads, Wake Central Cable Park and Soulcraft Boarding. There will be anything from T-shirts to wakeboard vests, ropes, handles, stickers, hats and much more.

“I do whatever (club president Julie Robinson) tells me to do. I am her little minion,” Sherrow said when asked what he does for the club.

The Wakeboard Club has been advertising for Defy through Facebook, posters that will infiltrate the residence halls, downtown Boise, Eagle and of course the good old fashioned word of mouth.

This premiere is also a great way for students on campus to get to know the members of the club. Wakeboarding is a sport that is more under wraps in Idaho due to weather conditions. However, the sport fosters friendships, great times on the lake and memories that will last a lifetime.

“You get to hang out with a bunch of people who are pretty relaxed and you can just have fun and not worry about anything,” vice president Matt DeGoede said.

The process of joining the club is straightforward. After registering online at the REC Center website, it will be $20 to join the club.

That initial money will get you a day up on the lake with the club. But after the first $20, the club charges $10 every time for a day of wakeboarding at Lucky Peak to cover gas fees. There will usually be more than one car going up, with two boats and a jet ski.

“We went to two competitions in the fall as a club. There are two different wakeboarding circuits. One is USA Water Ski and Wakeboard and the other one is Empire Wake. And we went to one competition for both of those circuits in the fall,” Robinson said.

No experience is necessary for club members. In fact, one of the current club members, sophomore Ethan Ayres, traveled to Chico, Calif. to participate in a tournament with the club during the fall semester. He chose to do this on a whim because it sounded like fun. Ayres had no prior experience, unless you count surfing, and his first run ever was a complete success.

“It was his first time wakeboarding and he killed it.  He did a really good job and I think that was one of the highlights of his fall. It was definitely one of the highlights of my fall,” Sherrow said.

These athletes have pushed the sport to its limits, taking wakeboarding to a whole new playing field. As college students, many of us are always looking for a way to get involved and experience new things.
Add wakeboarding to that list.