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Determined, Strong, Professional; Gymnastics will compete in the NCAA tournament

Boise State women’s gymnastics team, ranked No. 15, will hit the road to compete in the 2012 NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Fayetteville Regional Championship’s


The Boise State women’s gymnastics team, ranked No. 15, will hit the road to compete in the 2012 NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Fayetteville Regional Championships hosted by the University of Arkansas, in Fayetteville, Ark. The championship will commence in Barnhill Arena on Sat., April 7 at 3 p.m.

Last year, the ladies had a heartbreaking NCAA Tournament—just missing the mark to place third, losing in what they were told was a tiebreaker with Florida.

However, the judges had different ideas, and the ladies placed 4th unable to advance to Nationals.

“It’s hard,” redshirt senior Amy Glass said. “I know those on the team that are a little bit older, we definitely remember. Neil reminds us all the time. But that was definitely a huge motivator for this year. It’s kind of always in the back of our minds. We make sure to remind the freshman and the people who were here last year how that felt.”

The ladies have had to overcome a lot of adversity and injuries. However, they came together and became a stronger unit because of this.

“We have never made it to nationals before, but we do not let that discourage us. We are determined and want to go this year,” Glass said.

The Broncos have a younger team this season, but this has not acted as a deterrent for the team.

“Honestly you can’t even tell that they are freshman. Even from the first meet that they went too, they stepped out on the floor like they were pros, like veterans,” junior Brittany Potvin-Green said. “They just do an awesome job. I think what we do is that we definitely try to make it a team atmosphere, regardless of what year you.”

The main thing this young team has focused on is remaining healthy during the season, specifically going into the NCAA tournament.

“Healthy is relative,” co-head coach Neil Resnick said. “Have we had a season ending injury? No—it’s awesome. Have we had little dings, bumps and bruises that have kept kids out of meets here and there? Absolutely. The nice news is that everyone on our roster is on the go list right now. Which is the first time since the first week of the season.”

The ladies have a work mentality like a well-oiled machine. It is a professional working environment.

“The thing I love about the last couple teams we have had is that they come in without drama. They just do their stuff. The gym is very business like. I guess if I had to use one word it would be professional. They come in, are focused on the job, focused on technique, they don’t get overly emotional, they know it’s about executing. Good technique has no emotion,” coach Resnick said.

The NCAA tournament will be a test to all the ladies have worked toward for the entire season.

They have practiced long hours and committed their time for the betterment of their performance. Their practice environment mirrors their competitive environment, but more importantly they all encourage one another with an intensity that displays the unbreakable bonds between the ladies.