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Young, ambitious politician: Boise State student has hopes to give a voice to students, university in the Statehouse

Gus Voss, a political science senior, is running for the Boise House of Representatives, seat 17A in the 2012 election.


Gus Voss, a senior political science major, is running for the Idaho House of Representatives, seat 17A, in the 2012 election.

Voss feels he has a moral duty to fix the legislature.

“Given our current political climate, I feel it is my ethical duty to run for office,” Voss said. “I feel that constituents of district 17 deserve a lot more than that, especially since we are much more intelligent than the candidates of district 17 are willing to demonstrate.”

Voss is a Boise native and said he was largely influenced by his father and grandparents who, “taught me a hard work ethic and a strong sense of morality.”

He said he believes this work ethic helped him  through a variety of occupations. Voss has worked several customer service jobs such as the Boise Co-Op as stock-boy and the Owyhee Plaza Hotel as a banquet server during his four years at Boise State.

According to Voss, these occupations helped him develop a stronger character.

While studying politics, he worked for three student-run organizations, including the Poverty Issues coordinator on the Volunteer Services Board, and he is currently the ASBSU ethics officer.

He also started a nonpartisan political group, Democracy Matters (DM).

“I have been involved in political organizing for the last two years with Democracy Matters, which is dedicated toward getting the money out of politics and people back in,” Voss said.

Prior to college, he did volunteer work for the Obama

“I was a co-chair of the Timberline High School Students for Obama,”
Voss said.

According to Voss, his views have shifted from a partisan Obama supporter to a people-only party line.

“Part of the reason I am running is because I think people are the only sources the government should look to,” Voss said.

He also believes corporations, unions and political action committees should not be involved in politics.

“Government should not look to business. We should look to people. We shouldn’t look to party lines, we should (look) to people, not political action committees, corporations or even the ACLU and unions for advice,”
Voss said.

If elected, Voss plans on being a politician who works to solve differences between opposing parties.

“I want to go into the community and ask what they want and then figure out the way to get over the minor differences and try to implement it,” Voss said.

Voss wants to represent the Boise State community in the Idaho legislature.

“I also think that BSU students need a representative who will fight really hard for equitable funding. That is something that I have not seen (current seat holder) Bill Killen do much of,” Voss said.

Because Boise State is a major asset to district 17, Voss said he wants to see more student-representative interaction.

“I would like to see more public forums at BSU. I would like to communicate with my constituents on a face-to-face basis,”
Voss said.

According to Voss, representatives publicly interacting with their constituents is the most authentic form of representation.

“I am less interested in pushing my own personal objectives,” Voss said.

Voss said he does not have any ulterior motives in the House of Representatives other than supporting the needs of his voters, which in this case, are Boise State students.

For more information about Voss and his campaign visit his Facebook page Facebook.comVoss/4house.


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