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News brief: WTF

The biggest WTF moment in recent news

You share one husband!

TACOMA, WASH. —A common scene: Facebook recommends a friend, saying there are such-and-such shared friends.

Clicking on the link to see who this person is, the profile picture is of a woman dressed up next to a wedding cake and your husband.

According to The News Tribune, this scenario played out last week. Alan O’Neill, corrections officer, was put on unpaid leave after the incident was reported.

Apparently, years ago he was known as Alan Fulk and married Wife 1 (the two women remain unnamed). They seperated eight years ago, but were never legally divorced.

Instead of contacting her and finally getting around to filing the paperwork when he had a new bride, Fulk changed his name to Alan O’Neill and married Wife 2.

He didn’t tell either women of the other’s existence. Facebook took care of it for him.

Wife 1 saw the photo, logged out, and called her mother-in-law to ask what was going on. Initially, O’Neill asked her to keep quiet and said he’d take care of it.

After it wasn’t taken care of, she called the authorities and now O’Neill is being brought up on bigamy charges on March 22.

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