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The Game of Garretson: Let’s make a Boise State movie!

After staring at my computer screen for roughly 12 minutes with a stupefied look, I was baffled on what this week’s GoG was going to be about. It’s Friday and Rebecca Black told me to get down, and that got me thinking. I recently had read an article that one of my favorite television shows of ALL TIME (thanks, Kanye), Friday Night Lights, could hit the silver screen within a year. Best of all, the plot could be based off of what happened to ex-Texas Tech and current Washington State Head Coach Mike Leach and how he was unjustly fired as the Red Raiders Head Coach.

Then it clicked, what if they did a movie centered around Boise State’s 2007 Fiesta Bowl win over Oklahoma!? Crazy, right, but that game was the focal point for the Bronco’s rise to national recognition and still reigns as one of the top 10 bowl games in college football history. So I decided I’m going to take a stab at my casting list for the movie, promptly titled “Going for Two”, or some football idiom of sorts.

Steve Buscemi as Boise State Head Coach Chris Petersen: First off, on looks alone, clean up Buscemi’s facial hair, give him a buzz cut, and a bit of dental work and you have a poor man’s doppleganger of Pete. I justly believe that in acting terms Steve could capture Pete’s stoic, West Coast persona, as long as he dies down that New York accent of his.  If you think more “Boardwalk Empire” and less any cameo he made in Adam Sandler movies, it could be a perfect fit.

Josh Duhamel as Boise State quarterback Jared Zabransky: We’re going to need a bad ass, ride off into the sun kind of guy to portray Zabransky, someone you could see throwing careless interceptions while at the same time captaining the ingenious trick plays Boise State pulled off. In comes Duhamel for the role. That look in the “Transformers 3” trailer mirrors Zabransky’s expression while looking at the scoreboard in the 4th quarter as the Sooners had 21 unanswered points. Dye his hair orange and throw on a couple tribal bands and it’s easy to imagine Duhamel executing the Statue of Liberty play.

Robert Ri’chard as Boise State running back Ian Johnson: Granted the name doesn’t immediately pop, but this is the actor who was in the acclaimed 90’s Nickelodeon television show “Cousin Skeeter”. No? How about portraying Samuel L. Jackson’s son in “Coach Carter”? Really? Well, based on Ri’chard’s college-like appearance despite pushing 30, he has the same skin complex and demeanor that of Johnson. He’s going to  really sell that on-field proposal to Mandy Moore, who will portray Chrissy Popadics, naturally. (See “A Walk to Remember” performance).

Thomas Jane as Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops: I was going to say Kyle Chandler on this one, but No.1 hopefully he’ll be preoccupied with a “Friday Night Lights” sequel by the time this puppy comes out and No. 2 I want Stoops to be portrayed with a bit of darkness, an arch-rival if you will and Chandler does not fit the role. Thomas Jane does. Jane carries a Southern flare in him, especially when he played Mickey Mantle in HBO’s “61*”, and could easily infuse it into a Stoops role. Let’s just hope Jane doesn’t whip out a 12 gauge after the game and goes Punisher on anything blue and orange.

Donald Faison/Tyrese Gibson as Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson: This one was a toss up. If we’re going facial similarity, the edge goes to Faison. If we’re going athletic ability/neck down looks, the role goes to Gibson. Both are average actors. Both are not freak running backs. I’m going to have to give the victory to Tyrese on this one, that way we can see him and Duhamel in yet another movie together. Also, I think he’ll capture Peterson’s collar bone injury perfectly mid-way through the 06-07 season. And let’s just say Petey, Faison’s character in “Remember the Titans”, wasn’t too great at football,either.

That about wraps it up for the leads for the flick. I’m sure everybody dating back to 2007 has their own version of it, but it could fit a Hollywood budget. “Hoosiers” but with a pigskin and a BCS busting school, if you will. Leave a comment with your own suggestion for the castings.


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