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Flash mob gets wild in the stands

In a well-choreographed dance routine to a mix of songs, fans showed their support for the newly motivated Broncos as part of a flash mob organized by the joint efforts of the Corral and athletic marketing reps.

Boise State lost to UNLV 77-72 in overtime at the Taco Bell Arena in front of a 6000 plus crowd on Wednesday, January 25, 2012. (Robby Milo/The Arbiter)

In a well choreographed dance routine to a mix of songs, fans showed their support for the newly motivated Bronco basketball team as part of a flash mob organized by the Corral and athletic marketing. The idea was proposed at the end of last semester to the student fan-group, the Corral.

“It sparked a lot of interest, so we decided, ‘Why not?’ ” Max Forkner, junior communication major persuing a public relations certificate, said. Forkner is treasurer for the Corral and helped arrange the flash mob.

Practice was held last Monday and around 250 people showed up, according to Forkner. Even more participated in the actual flash mob Wednesday.

Ashley Cox, sophomore communication major and also a member of the Corral, thought it was a huge success.

“To fill the entire student section was incredible,” she said.

Participants of the flash mob arrived to the game early for a practice run and free pizza. Most of them wore orange Corral shirts and complementary blue-and-orange wigs which were handed out at the door. With less than seven minutes left in the first half and the Broncos closing the lead, the flash mob was signaled via whiteboards. Mobbers jumped to their feet and danced in the stands to a medley of “What is Love” by Haddaway, a YouTube clip and Chris Brown’s “Yeah 3Xs.”

“(I did this) to have fun. I always wanted to do a flash mob,” Maxi Lichtenhagen, fifth-year business major, said after the game.

The administration had fun with it too. In the second half, Bryan Vlok, sophomore health care information management major and marketing intern for the athletic department, heard administrators through his headset asking if the mob would
perform again.

“They were asking, ‘Mob again?’ and I said, ‘why not?’ and asked the students if they were interested in going again and they went ‘Yeah!’ and were up and ready. (The flash mob) pumped the crowd back up,” Vlok said.

“Getting a standing ovation twice (after both mobs) was amazing,” he said.

Vlok confirmed they were willing to try arranging it again, so students should keep an eye on their email for an invitation.

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Watch a video about the Corral flash mob HERE. 

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