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Fifth grader commits suicide over bullying

RIDGE FARM, ILLINOIS — A 10-year-old girl, Ashlynn Conner, hanged herself on Friday. Her mother, Stacy Conner, blames school bullying.

The bullying had been going on for years. The girl’s schoolmates called her ugly, said she was fat, or a slut. Stacy Conner said that as a mother, she didn’t know what to do.

“I thought my kids were strong,” Stacy said through tears. “That my words to them for guidance and advice would have more weight than what these kids were saying. I was wrong.”

Despite the teasing, Ashlynn was a fifth grade honor student at Ridge Town Elementary. Her life’s goal was to be a veterinarian because she didn’t like to see animals suffer, her grandmother told WCIA news.

Last Thursday, for the first time, Ashlynn asked if she could stop going to public school and be home-schooled by her mother. Her mother refused. She didn’t realize how bad the verbal abuse from her classmates had become.

Ashlynn’s sister found her body the next day in their closet. She had hung herself with a scarf.

Conner wanted to share this story so that other mothers could be aware of just how bad bullying can be.

In an interview with WCIA news Ashlynn’s mother held her picture up to the camera and cried, “I’ll never get to see this smile again.”


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  1. This makes me incredibly sad. Only the good die young…

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