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Boise State Football prepares for the journey ahead: College football is a marathon, not a sprint

The Broncos will stick to the same blueprint that’s gotten them to this point.


One win down.

And eleven more to go if the No. 4 ranked Boise State Broncos want to play the villain role, as the big conferences see it and bust up the BCS for the third time in five years.

The Broncos will stick to the same blueprint that’s gotten them to this point. Take each week and each game one at a time and then see where they are at the end of the week. Forget about outside help, though, fans. The NCAA has already proven that to be in the BCS hunt as a mid-major you’ve got to handle your business and go undefeated.

No questions asked.

Finishing the season 12-0 Dec. 3 against the University of New Mexico is all the help they will need. The record will speak for itself.

It’s the beginning of the second week of a long drama filled soap opera fall season, er, the college football season, that is. So let’s not worry quite yet where Boise State may be headed, if in fact anywhere BCS-wise. Sure Texas Christian University, who many thought would be the Broncos biggest challenge outside of Georgia, lost to Baylor. But in the long run, that means very little.

Let’s talk in December when every team has wrapped up their season and when all of these pre and regular season rankings can be put to rest.

Of this week’s AP top 25, at least half of the teams will have to meet each other at some point in the trenches albeit regular season or conference championships. The weeding out process should be in full swing by the fourth week of the season.

The Broncos need to worry about themselves and how to go about trying to reach their ultimate goal in their inaugural Mountain West Conference campaign — a conference championship. If they can do all of the above, nature will take its course and the Bowl Championship Series will be knocking.

The win over Georgia was nice for a handful of reasons. Boise State won their first game ever over an SEC opponent. They beat a ranked team in what was essentially their own backyard. And after a slow start, the fellas in their storm trooper-esque uniforms made the rest of the game elementary.

The win will end up looking good or bad, on the Broncos’ resume. UGA could win out through the rest of the season capturing an Southeastern Conference title, adding to the Broncos’ strength of schedule. If that happens though expect similar echoes from the so-called experts after they beat Virginia Tech who ended up winning the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Or Georgia could be an average team in what many claim to be the strongest conference, which will have no affect on the Broncos’ quest to what could be another monumental year in program history.

The win is what it is: a win. This win alone won’t define the season for the biggest show in the city of trees in what could be another monumental year in the program’s history. They’ve got to keep winning and doing so in convincing fashion.

For now though, Coach Pete and the troops should and most likely will, stick to what’s helped them the most. One week, one game at a time and go from there.

Their blueprint for success since 2006.


Ty Hawkins is a beat writer for The Arbiter, Boise State’s student-run newspaper. You can follow him on Twitter @tyhawkins208.

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  1. Steve Baird // Sep 8, 2011 at 2:57 pm //

    What up Hawkins, it's Ty Mack's buddy Steve B. Just read your article. You put it exactly how it is. One game at a time and that's all we can control or worry about. Here's hoping it comes with a BCS game at the end, and maybe even a national title! GO BRONCOS!!!

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