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Broncos look forward to waving goodbye to rivalry with Vandals

The new school year is already on the horizon and with it comes a chance for the Broncos to tell all who haven’t heard that their beloved school is now part of the Mountain West Conference.

PHOTO COURTESY MCT CAMPUS/President Bob Kustra, left, and Athletic Director Gene Bleymaier share a laugh before announcing that the school will join the Mountain West Conference for the 2011 season June 2010.

The new school year is already on the horizon and with it comes a chance for the Broncos to tell all who haven’t heard that their beloved school is now part of the Mountain West Conference. This means Texas Christian University will most likely replace the University of Idaho as our main football rival. But do we really want to let go of the in-state rivalry we have had for years with the Vandals?

Lately, the rivalry between the Broncos and the Vandals has been pretty exciting as Coach Chris Petersen and President Bob Kustra unitedly declared to the nation that Boise State doesn’t have time to play the University of Idaho anymore — we’re on to bigger, better things now.

True, our football team makes theirs look like a wimpy kiddie league of sissy men. And they haven’t really even put up a good fight since 2000 when then-Gov. Dirk Kempthorne created the Governor’s Trophy to keep the rivalry going (the Governor’s Trophy has never been in the Vandal’s possession). So it’s natural for the University of Idaho to hate Boise State — and we have a pretty good reason to be arrogant.

“When you bring all that emotion, it does change the game,” Petersen told the Idaho Statesman about the rivalry in November 2010.

Things heated up last year when Boise State’s president told the Idaho Statesman’s editorial board that he didn’t mind the end of the rivalry because quite frankly, Vandals are an unpleasant bunch. It was then that the press coined the infamous “nasty, inebriated” comment Kustra made about the Vandals, which fueled the already intense rivalry.

In the same interview, Kustra also stated, “I’ve seen rivalries all over America, Oklahoma-Oklahoma State, Texas-Texas A&M, Kansas-Kansas State […] why would I want to encourage a game where people don’t know how to act like grownups?”

When word got out to the nation, which viewed Boise State as the Cinderella story of the century, one of two things happened: it either made people think the Vandals were a bunch of inebriated jerkwads, or that Boise State’s fame may have gone to Broncos’ heads and made them petty tea-drinking prudes.

However, the Bronco nation seemed wholly unapologetic about the seemingly degrading remarks from their president.

Kevan Lee, co-founder of the website One Bronco Nation Under God, blogged, “Will the Boise State – Idaho rivalry game continue? Not if Boise State’s president gets a vote. His words to the Statesman editorial board were – how do I put this – awesome.”

This attitude may stem from the fact that throughout Boise State’s football-related dominance of the frustrated Vandals, the rival university has only been able to come back with one retort: “Oh, yeah? Well, Boise State’s academics suck.”

So, we think they’re bums and they called us stupid. Are we really going to miss the rivalry that much? With embarrassing football games where the Vandals lose by roughly 40 points– even when we play on their turf– I’d like to think that we will not. We are looking to bigger, better things.

And we’re smart enough to leave the Vandals behind.

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  1. I don't recall anyone affiliated with UI calling BSU students, staff or faculty "stupid." I do know there is frequent public wondering why the graduation rate at BSU is half (or less) what it is at UI. Those comments are meant to point out a problem at BSU and in the state of Idaho, not meant as personal attacks or to question the intelligence of BSU students. In fact, there is no good reason to believe the students are different at BSU and UI; they come from Meridian, Boise, Kuna and all over the same Idaho. The difference must be in the way BSU is organized and that is the reason for the comments.

    On the other hand, calling an entire community "nasty and inebriated" cannot be seen as anything other than personal, and more than a little foolish coming from an important member of a community that just had police shut down the downtown area for drunken brawling and riot control.

    Do you not wonder why the graduation rates are so different? I doubt it has to do with all of UI being nasty and inebriated. It might have to do with leadership, emphasis and planning.

    • Go back to 1-AA // Jun 1, 2011 at 6:36 pm //

      Or…………. that Idaho is a small town college community meant for school and Boise is the biggest city in Idaho with a large non-traditional student base???

      hmmmmm…….think much?

      • Know anything about your own school? Your horrific graduation rate reflects only first-time enrolled degree-seeking students, not part-timers or non-traditional students.

        Get a clue, jerkwad.

    • Oh silly Vandals... // Jun 2, 2011 at 9:03 am //

      Who called BSU stupid? The Argonaut my friend, thats what drove President Kustra to drop the nasty and inebriated comments.

      You UI kids make me laugh. Do I care what you think about my school? Heck no, it just makes me laugh because you seem like the little bully that finally isn't getting his way and starts getting desperate, kicking and screaming all over the place. "Waaa! BSU is in a city where you can actually do things besides booze! Waaaaa! More kids are choosing BSU over UofI! Waaaaa! BSU puts up 40 points and almost keeps us scoreless! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

      In the end the fact is: A diploma from BSU=a diploma from UofI. While UofI likes to think their the Harvard of Idaho they really are just another mediocre school in the grand spectrum of universities and colleges, right there with BSU.
      Keep those panties in a bundle vandies!

      • Explain how a degree from the two schools holds the same value when one is a commuter school with a 26% graduation rate and the other is a traditional science/engineering oriented land-grant with a high research classification from Carnegie and a 56% graduation rate.

        payscale's database agrees with me: you WISH they had the same value.

        • Interesting data. Thanks for disproving the pseudo-elitist mentality we've all come to expect from a group of people who chose a low-life criminal as their mascot.

  2. I have never read a "news" article with so many inaccuracies and horrible grammer. "Broncos looks" you have got to be kidding me. The media coined the term "Nasty and Inebriated"? Try a direct quote from your president. Somehow I think you will get a job at the Statesman without problem though. Good luck being one of the 26%.

  3. Tammy couldn't be more off base.

    It is true that a UI official has never made an statement regarding BSU (as Kustra did about UI) but for years UI has looked down on BSU. Anyone that grew up in Idaho can attest to the truth of that statement. Spin it however you want but insinuating that BSU's entire student population is stupid by pointing to the graduation rate isn't exactly constructive criticism. It's insulting. It was intended to be insulting because UI has been dominated by BSU in several sports and pointing out the grad rate is the only way arrogant Vandals can save face. Saying we own you in athletics is one thing, saying you're stupid is disproportionate and juvenile.

    Dr. Kustra's comments about UI fan behavior was only wrong in that he applied it to the entire fan base. For anyone who has been to Moscow you know that what he said really applies to about 75% of people affiliated with that school. The other 25% are pretty cool. Unfortunately, they're often shouted down by hoards of wasted, foul-mouthed hooligans.

    Luckily, our athletes won't have to go there ever again. UI has a tiny stadium, horrible athletics programs, geographical isolation, lagging fan support (outside of playing BSU) and exactly zero ability to dictate scheduling terms to BSU. If we ever play the them again, it will be in Boise. In the meantime, adios Vandals.

    • Actually, after reading your comments it appears that it is indeed you who is somewhat off-base. Tammy specifically said that UI and Boise State students are relatively the same students with the same level of intellect, and that the 26% graduation rate is an institutional problem as opposed to a student problem.

      With that, I wholeheartedly agree with Tammy. There's no reason to beat around the bush here; BSU has a less than stellar graduation rate and as a recent BSU grad, I honestly don't believe it is the student's fault. I agree with Tammy that among other things, there must be some sort of an institutional problem here. I personally went all four years at BSU without ever once having an advisor, and I'm not alone in that regard. . .

      • Tammy said that it's not about the calling BSU students/alumni stupid then goes on to question why so many didn't graduate. That's called talking out of both sides of your mouth.

        Not only that but the mis-information/ignorance propagated by people like Tammy is sad. They act as if nothing has been done or that they're the only ones that know about this issue.

        A lot has been done.

        Finish in Four, an enhanced Freshmen orientation program, more scholarship money, and more undergrad research opportunities have been made available to students under Dr. Kustra's leadership. And the grad rate that so many UI people spit out??? It comes from the 2003 cohort of Freshmen. That means that it took into account students graduating within 150% of normal time from 2003 and therefore follows only that cohort of Freshmen from 2003-2009; it doesn't even reflect the changes I just mentioned. I wish that people would take the time to educate themselves on this issue instead of spitting out the same silly garbage. Go to the U.S. Department of Education College Navigator website.

        • How can you get graduation statistics from freshman that haven’t finished yet? I’m pretty sure that’s why they are using the 2003 class…. The results of your ‘finish in four’ apparently haven’t taken effect yet. (5.7% for four year completion)

          • Go to the Department of Education website.

            This isn't hard to understand and I mean that in the nicest possible way. There you'll see that they don't release four year data separately. They release four year and six year data simultaneously. So there's no data on whether his program has worked or not. We'll know this year and in 2013 when the data sets are released. This much is true, BSU is graduating more undergraduate students from year to year. This year was up about 250 over last year. Coupled with the fact that undergrads are taking more credits per student indicates that more students are progressing towards graduation.

      • No advisor? // Jun 2, 2011 at 9:06 am //

        You never scheduled an advising session? Seriously? I've been here two years and had three…

  4. Well, as this will be TCU's last MWC season, I seriously doubt they will be the new BSU rivalry school. Be Nevada and Fresno again after they join MWC in 2012.

  5. BoiseNative // Jun 1, 2011 at 10:45 pm //

    My god, you ladies have sand in your box over this. Yeah, the rivalry is dead….as evidenced by your ongoing and complete obsession with anything remotely related to U of I.

    If the rivalry was truly dead, you clowns wouldn't be publishing articles about how much you don't care or posting with such passionate hatred. You are only fooling yourselves with this silly "there is no rivalry" schtick. The rest of the world just shakes their head and chalks this one up to BSU's weirdness.

    • While BSU's graduation rate is pretty bad, it is in line with master's level commuter schools. For an in-state comparison, look at ISU. I too think the graduation rate is atrocious, but BSU is working on the problem. BTW, If you look at student demographics, BSU and UI are not that similar.

      For the record, the graduation rate of UI compared to residential national universities is actually pretty low and has been dropping over the last ten years. You guys have been focusing on BSU's rate for so long you forgot about your own. You might want to ask yourself why that is happening. BSU's rate will get better as the university attracts a more traditional student population, which has been the trend for the past few years.

      As this article is an opinion based on the topic of athletic conference affiliation, how are those APRs going for the vandals.

      p.s. nothing funnier than vandals coming to the BSU student newspaper site and accusing BSU of being obsessed with UI. Thanks for the irony.

      • You haven't the slightest clue what you are talking about. UI's graduation rate is competitive with peers (high research land-grants) and it has been climbing strongly for the last decade. At 56%, it's higher than regoinal peers like Nevada-Reno, Wyoming, Utah State, and New Mexico State. It's only a few percentage points behind larger and better funded schools like Oklahoma State and Arkansas.

        BSU's graduation rate is extremely low compared to other metro/master's schools, almost dead last. Within any peer group, 26% will be in the bottom decile.

        • You neglected to mention the regional schools like Denver, BYU, SDSU that have much higher grad rates (in the high 70s and 80s). Also, Utah State is dead even with UI.
          Within the entire RU/H classification UI is in the middle low end. This classification includes schools like Clemson, Boston College, Baylor, Fordham, and George Mason. Arkansas is not in this category. They're in the RU/VH category and have a 59% grad rate.

          Also, the only publicly available data on UI shows a three percent increase. While that does show improvement I think "climbing strongly" is a bit of an exaggeration. Again, new data will be released sometime this summer or fall that will be very telling for BSU. This information will answer a lot of questions for both schools.

        • You neglected to mention the regional schools like Denver, BYU, SDSU that have much higher grad rates (in the high 70s and 80s). Also, Utah State is dead even with UI.
          Within the entire RU/H classification UI is in the middle low end. This classification includes schools like Clemson, Boston College, Baylor, Fordham, and George Mason. Arkansas is not in this category. They're in the RU/VH category and have a 59% grad rate.

          Also, the only publicly available data on UI shows a three percent increase. While that does show improvement I think "climbing strongly" is a bit of an exaggeration. Again, new data will be released sometime this summer or fall that will be very telling for BSU. This information will answer a lot of questions for both schools.

    • As of July 1, 2011 it is dead. See ISU for references.

  6. Wow. Learn basic grammar and AP style before writing. "Broncos looks" in the headline? That's fail number one of many. "Vandal's". Does your paper even have an editor?

    Here's some career advice Rebecca; Pass English 90 before attempting to write an article.

    -UI Alum

    P.S. TCU leaves for the Big East after this season. Where's your rivalry now?
    My recent post Pinnacle Award

    Note to self -don't post via smartphone. Autotext/autocorrect makes me look like a BSU English student.

    Idaho Press Club Awards for 2010
    UI Argonaut: 22
    Arbiter: 12.

    • You would think it would be called a smartphone for a reason. 9 times out of 10 its user error, probably because your a vandal. Don't blame it on the phone.

  7. BSU fans are strange.

  8. nomoretaxplease // Jun 2, 2011 at 10:55 am //

    Jesus…poor grammar sure drives the point home. This author is an idiot and proves once again that Boise Junior College will let anybody in. Way to go Rebecca De Leon, you'll make a fine reporter someday. ha ha ha….laughable. Hopefully you have other skills like mowing lawns or something. You don't have to write well for that job. Another thing that this article alludes to, which I find absurd: A good football team equals a good athletic program! Give me a break….no wonder the treasure valley is still the valley of despair…they can't produce graduates with skill need to succeed in the real world or even on a high school level. Laughable absolutely laughable.

    • This is an opinion article smart one. Anyone can submit this crap.

      ''Boise Junior College will let anybody in" <——- Thats funny because BSU's admission standards are actually higher than UI's

  9. You know this is an opinion article, right UI Alum? As in, anyone can write this stuff.

  10. "Learn basic grammar and AP style before RIGHTING???

    BWAHAHA. Way to represent, UI Alum. I bet you make your tribe proud

  11. smithkennedy // Jun 2, 2011 at 5:22 pm //

    Thank you Rebecca, I had never seen such an abortion of Grammar, and "professional style" in an article until i happened to see this. You are a great representation of the student body at Boise State that the administration should be ashamed of.

    1. TCU is leaving the Mountain West, you get one season with them before they leave.

    2. You do not get to arbitrarily declare who you are and are not rivals with, that is done by a thing called "Tradition". And 40 years of consistent play is a tradition. Boise State will always be the little brother to THE University of Idaho.

    3. Which athletic department is under an NCAA investigation for the lack of "institutional control" note: The answer is not The University of Idaho.

    The Boise State administration decided to act juvenile and insult an entire community (The mayor of which is an alumnus of your institution). But you should remember that Boise State would be no where without the help of THE University of Idaho, because of the education provided to your staff, the technology shipped down to you.

    So to Boise State I say good riddance. Enjoy your obscurity with the Mountain West Conference. TCU, BYU and Utah all saw the light and bolted as soon as they could.

    • Do you really want to become the grammar police? Being the grammar police is a tough job because everything you post becomes subject to increased levels of scrutiny. If so, I would consider revising your post.
      I noticed a few examples in each of the following categories: lack of capitalization, ending sentences with prepositions, and misused punctuations.

      More to the point.
      1. We've played TCU three times before. It seems like a good rivalry that could continue despite conference affiliation.

      2. I guess I'm not familiar with laws governing rivalries but in light of the fact that are no such rules I'm guessing we're pretty much free to choose our opponents. In the past we've played UI because we were either (a) in the same conference or (b) forced to play by the Idaho State Board of Education.

      3. Which university doesn't matter in college football and wouldn't bother self-reporting a single potential violation if it did occur? The answer is not Boise State University.

      4. We owe exactly zero percent of our existence to the UI. Zero. Boise State started out as a private, church sponsored junior college. It didn't join the state system until 1965. ISU, on the other hand, was at one time a branch campus of UI. Take a look at faculty and staff vitae. A few UI grads, as in a very few. Most professors and staff came from elsewhere. About the only famous UI grad that did anything of merit at BSU was Lyle Smith who has all but renounced his ties to UI. Also, BSU provides all of the computing resources to UI Boise. So, really, it's you that depend on us.

      5. Every Boise State football will be broadcast to a national audience this year. UI has exactly no nationally televised games at this point. I think you're confused as to who will be in obscurity.

  12. Oh, donkeys. If Idaho wasn't your rival, why are you still talking about us? Talk about little brother syndrome. TCU is not your rival they will be GONE just like all the other good teams in the MWC. Welcome to the WAC 2.0. You can't just make up rivalries, you know.Oh, and good luck with the NCAA investigation. It couldn't happen to a classier group of fans.

    I thought the high and mighty BSU fans were above silly student newspaper columns. Oh, you are just like Bobby Kustra… Do as I say, Not as I do…

    Oh and Rebecca, good luck with your education and getting a job after college. You seriously need to work on your writing skills. You are quite the scholar coming out of the BJC "Cummunications Department".

    • That's what the article is about. Did you bother reading it? I'm pretty sure we'll find someone to be our "rival", as if we need such a thing. The truth is we don't. You do. You vandals need someone to the object of your venom. We don't. Here's the other painful truth, without us you won't sell out any games in the foreseeable future. The last three seasons UI has had exactly two sellouts, both times BSU visited Moscow.

      The real question is what are so many vandals doing on the BSU student newspaper website? I think the fact that so many of you are here shows that the obsession is truly one way, as it always has been.

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