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Pop!shots: ‘Equals Three’ goes viral

I’m going to stray a little bit from the typical pop culture this week and focus on an important part of any college student’s experience — viral Internet videos.



I’m going to stray a little bit from the typical pop culture this week and focus on an important part of any college student’s experience — viral Internet videos. Don’t pretend you’ve never found yourself staring at a blank word document (otherwise known as “what will eventually be a psychology essay”) and allowed yourself to skip to, or a similar site. We all enjoy the occasional brainless humor or video of someone else getting hurt. While our brains are pounded with knowledge and remain entrapped within the pages of expensive textbooks, we deserve to take a break to watch an Xbox Kinect-playing father accidentally hit his daughter in the face or a cop shoot himself in the leg.

A guy named Ray William Johnson hosts a video blog twice a week, called “Equals Three,” in which he gathers the most recent viral videos and reviews them. He has gained quite a large following recently. I can see why. He saved me hours of actual looking for videos to waste my time, so now I can waste my time much more productively. There may be something contradictory about that statement, but eh, I’m over it. I’m just excited that I now have someone to do even my laziest work for me. I can reach a new level of lethargy. It helps too that Johnson is actually funny. His jokes often include sarcasm, racism, simply poking fun at the content of viral videos and the occasional quip at “gingers,” but they are all light and meant only in good humor.

The show has become one of my favorite time wasting tools. “Equals Three” is where I first saw the double rainbow guy. For those of you who haven’t heard of double rainbow guy, you’re missing out. Basically some guy recorded a pair of rainbows together and hysterically babbled his amazement for almost five minutes in a fit of stark tears and laughter. I feel as though my life is better for having seen it. For those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about it — put down the newspaper and “youtube” it right now. Read the rest of the paper when you’re done. Because those who have seen it, agree with me. OK, I assume they agree, but “hilarious” seems to be the general consensus.

His latest episode includes a goofy fox licking a glass door, a creeper in a bar and a Brazilian taxi driver who sings “Billie Jean” much like Michael Jackson himself. I know that doesn’t sound thrilling, but list me the last five videos you watched online and laughed your ass off at and we’ll compare. Anyway, he’s worth a watch. I think for the minutes of entertainment Ray William Johnson provides for me each week, he deserves a shot. Or maybe just one of whatever “double rainbow guy” is tripping on.

To watch “Equals Three,” go to Johnson’s page at:

To watch “Double Rainbow Guy” at, visit:

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  1. HotAssTarzy // Feb 9, 2011 at 10:10 pm //

    YES! YES! YES!

    I have been following Ray for a while and have seen all his videos thay are awesome and he makes un-funny clips into real Laugh Out Louders!!!

    If you really like Ray as a person check out his second channel (which is now disabled but the vids are still on as he didnt have time) "Breacking NYC".
    It is his own blog of each day and what is going on in his life – you meet his friends and see where he lives. Really good entertainment for any age level.

    Be sure to check both channels out and you will soon find you love the guy!!!

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