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Manhattan bound: BSU’s Kellen Moore invited to Heisman Trophy ceremony in N.Y.

Moore is up against Auburn’s Cam Newton, Stanford’s Andrew Luck and Oregon’s LaMichael James for the prestigious award

“Looks like we’re going to New York,” Kellen Moore texted his parents once he found out he was a Heisman Trophy nominee. “For me to able to share this opportunity with them is very special.”

It’s special for not just Moore and his family, but for the entire football team and Boise State University. Moore is the first-ever Bronco to be a Heisman Trophy finalist.

“It obviously is very special just because you recognize all the other guys before hand who were deserving of this opportunity,” Moore said Monday after the announcement was made. “It’s just a credit to BSU football, the university and everything that’s happened in the past that helps provide us with this opportunity.“

Each year the Heisman Trophy is presented to the most outstanding college football player in the United States. It is an individual award, but it is the whole team that creates the rare opportunity to be considered for the prestigious accomplishment. That truth does not go unnoticed by Moore.

“A guy on a 6-6 team isn’t getting these opportunities,” Moore said. “These things have just as much to do with the team as they do the individual and it’s just a tribute to what Boise State has done and all the things that we’ve been able to accomplish here.”

Head coach Chris Petersen thinks the same saying, “Nobody is going to be a nominee for this award without playing on a really good team. Hat’s off to our defense, as well as our offense.”

Petersen said Monday night at a press conference that if he were voting for the Heisman winner, no doubt he would pick Kellen.

“I certainly haven’t been around a player that is more deserving then him, no question.”

The last Bronco football player mentioned in any Heisman Trophy discussion was running back Ian Johnson in 2006-07.

“Certainly Ian got the ball rolling,” Petersen said.

Moore has been on Heisman watch-lists all season, but that recognition has never been a distraction for him.

“The Heisman is awarded weeks 1 through 13, those weeks really don’t matter,” Moore said. “At the end, obviously we are fortunate to have this opportunity to celebrate and have fun.”

In addition to the trip to New York City, Moore will also be in Orlando, Fla. at an awards ceremony for the Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award (given to the best college quarterback) and the Maxwell Award (given to the college player of the year).

Moore and Petersen will be traveling for much of the next week leaving the rest of the team under the direction of assistant head coach, Brent Pease.

“I think it’s going to be great. I think its part of the college football pageantry,” Petersen said about what the next five days will be like. “It’s great to be a part of it. There is no question that Kellen is deserving to be apart of it.”

The two will return in time for the last preparations made before the team heads to Las Vegas, Nev. to face the Utah Utes in the MAACO Bowl in Las Vegas on Dec. 22.

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  1. I wonder, wouldn't it be better to wait until after the bowl games to make the nominees and head coaches travel like that? How much important preparation will Kellen, who needs to study up on a team he hasn't faced, miss by all this traveling? A week or two between bowl games and recruiting wouldn't hurt anyone as much as being in bowl game unprepared.

  2. I am so proud to say that I am a BSU Bronco. Played some tennis for them and graduated from there with an undergrad and a graduate degree. I am so proud and so impressed at Coach Petersen and at the folks like Moore, Johnson back a few years ago and all the guys that work so hard on the team (Petis). Keep it up Chris Petersen, you are doing everything right!

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